Alltel launches Celltop

Alltel launches Celltop

This new widget-based home screen, Celltop, from Alltel Wireless, lets you display basic information like weather, news, sports scores, and stock quotes through the internet. The widgets are called “cells,” Celltop comes with ten built-in cells. This number is expected to rise soon, and developers will be able to contribute their code.

In late 2007, Celltop will be available on all new Alltel handsets. Alltel customers can check compatibility and install the free software.

What is Alltel Celltop?

This week, Alltel fired a coup de grâce into the fight to fill the gap with Celltop. This customizable UIOne app provides users with an array of data that can be shown quickly in two-up form. Initially, the term “cells” will encompass information covering four categories: baseball, football, and basketball.

Additionally, there will be access to the call log, stock prices, news bulletins, weather updates, and text messages – though more are promised. Best of all is that it’s free of charge, and by late 2007 all handsets will be compatible with Celltop. To get a first-hand look at Samsung’s u520 – which offers Celltop compatibility.

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Our general impression of Celltop was that it looked great without interfering with the presentation of information (a critical balance to strike to make this helpful thing).

We expect it only to get better as display resolutions rise. The background color can be adjusted to any rainbow color, and the visual effects change to match. At 1X speeds, the cells refreshed fast enough to keep our attention, so we imagine they blaze on EV-DO.

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