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audacity for windows

Audacity® is a free, open-source (cross-platform) digital sound editor, recorder, along with mixer. It’s a complex software program which includes an extensive collection of features.


  • recording (in the mixer or mic )
  • innovative editing (cut, copy, paste, delete controls with infinite”Undo” and”Redo,” multitrack mixing)
  • electronic effects (alter the pitch, eliminate background sounds, change frequencies, eliminate vocals, produce voice-overs including podcasts, etc. ) ) and also plug-ins (aid for LADSPA, Nyquist, VST Audio Unit, such as VAMP evaluation plug-ins).

Produce and edit live paths:

Manipulate monitors recorded from several sources prior to copying them to a different source like a DVD or CD. You’re able to divide long tracks (which wouldn’t fit because of their dimensions ) into several different tunes, cut specific parts between your tunes and combine them in one track.

This was a key illustration of a procedure which could become even more complicated.


Create Podcasts

In case you are considering generating podcasts, then Audacity® is a wonderful option. You’ve got two choices: to begin with, you may use a different device like a digital recorder then edit the document into Audacity(R), or you’ll be able to list it on your PC.

Create Ringtones

At this time, individual cellular operators have been charging their customers if they need a personalized ringtone. People of us who don’t want to cover this, often look for a different; like a totally free website that provides free radicals. Unfortunately, most sites that I understand provides a bonus (aside from the free ringtone): malware or adware. Why would you download or pay from an untrustworthy site when it is simple to do it with this free, blank electronic editor?


There’s far more to research and find from Audacity®. It’s possible to perform multitrack editing and recording, produce mono/stereo recording and also surround audio. Even the plug-ins (also referred to as add-ons) assists Audacity® to provide more features: specific effects, filters, tone generators, and evaluation capacities.

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Audacity is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), provides support for More than 20 languages plus it runs Microsoft Windows®, Mac OS X®, along with Linux®.

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