3 Best CamScanner Alternatives

Best CamScanner Alternatives

We all know that a cam scanner has been banned in India, so we are finding different alternatives for submitting our project assignments and many other documents to our higher officials and even to our teachers.

Due to this pandemic situation, even schools and colleges are requesting their students to submit their assignments, records, and projects through pdf way and our students are eagerly searching for an app rather than this cam scanner to submit their work the best.

This article will be your fruit for those who require an app rather can a scanner. Even these apps are Made in India so, you can use these apps which will also give you all the premium features that you had in the cam scanner free of cost. Excited right? Ok! Let’s get into the apps.


1.Document Scanner (Made in India) – PDF Creator

This document scanner is an Indian scanner for all those users who are suffering without a cam scanner. So, all don’t worry we have many best and more featured apps than cam scanner for free. This document scanner and pdf creator app provides you many latest features under it free of cost.


This also provides more than 500 tools for you too edit your document or manage your document. You might think that can we scan many documents at the same? And will those look professional? Don’t worry! Because in this document scanner will let you scan your document at any time and anywhere. As we already said there are some additional features in it lets see some of those,

  • QR code scanner
  • PDF Document scanner
  • Paper scanner
  • Bar-code scanner
  • High-quality scanner
  • Image to PDF convertor
  • Offline function

There is something that is going to be released in the upcoming update with is the feature called OCR text Recognition. This means this feature will help you recognize the text from an image and if you have any mistakes you can even edit those text and share those text in any other app.

So, we think this is something new and will also be helpful for all the people out there in any kind of work. We would strongly recommend you use this document scanner rather than trying our all other apps and choosing the best out of all.

2.Kaagaz Scanner – Indian Cam Scanner, PDF Maker

This is another Indian creation that is the best app for document scanners and storage. This app also works online so you no need to worry if you are out of data and hurry in submitting your work. This will be the best app for working online with the document scanner.

The working of this app is also very easy you don’t need to get help from your friends or go through the discretion for knowing the working of this work. This app user can also easily scan all their personal IDs, insurance documents, invoices even more documents and this will keep you safe and secured rather than allowing anyone to misuse your documents.

The product recommendation never comes to an end without saying its features, ok the best of all is that all the features which are given below are for free of cost and which will work even in offline mode. Ok, the list starts with,

  • Multiple page scan as batch mode
  • pdf/jpg quality and readability enhancements.
  • Kaagaz folder in your Documents folder is now created automatically with all your scan and PDFs.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Page filter improvements and enhancements with all filters.

This app name might seem different but you will find all the premium features for scanning a document and converting them into a pdf in this app for free of cost and these features are created to even work offline.

3.Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR, PDF Creator

Turn your device into a powerful, mobile file scanner, finish with OCR text recognition abilities, together with all the free-to-use Adobe Scan program. Utilize the Adobe Scan cellular file scanner to flip anything — notes, receipts, files, photographs, business cards, business cards, whiteboards — to an Adobe PDF or JPEG file using articles you are able to reuse from every PDF and picture scan.

Together with the totally free scanner app, you can earn anything scannable. Use the fast PDF scanner to make a photograph or PDF scanning. Scan and return to other crucial things.

These apps were launched this year so any updates are yet to come. If, you wanna enjoy and make use of these apps all you need to do this to install any one of the apps to show your documents the best of all and even to secure good marks in your internal.

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