Best Root Apps

15 Best Apps to Install on Your Rooted Android Device

It's correct that rooting your mobile has come to be much less crucial nowadays compared to days of older however you may still find a lot of...
Music Making Apps

5 Best Apps for Making Music on Your Android 2018

Android devices are great tools that can be used for a variety of things, including making music. Making music has become a lot easier as you can...
best free vpn app

7 Best VPN Apps For Android

Figuring out the best VPN for Android is problematic without worrying about specific protocols and the service that your internet service provider offers. A good android VPN...

How To Find Your Lost Device And Ways To Protect It

Since Smart Phone has shifted an essential part of our life, and we need it for our most of our task. We tend to keep Our Devices...
3ds Emulator

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator Available for Android!

Let’s face it. Smartphones have changed the way people look at technology forever. The world has become compact, lived out by a 6-inch screen –but what does...
Multiple Account Whatsapp

How to Run Multiple Accounts of Same App on Android

Not all social media apps allow you to sign into more than one account in one device.  Instagram lately added that capability and Twitter had had it...

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