How to Delete a Blog On Blogger

how to delete a blogger account

There are various reasons as to why you can opt to delete a blog on blogger. You can either delete your blog permanently or for a while whereby you are given the ability to retrieve your blog for 90 days after the day you delete your blog. Permanently deleted blogs cannot be restored. Deleted blogs can be restored into your blogger again if they were not deleted permanently. Deleted blogs can be easily restored within 90 days from the day they are deleted. After 90 days these blogs are permanently deleted. In this article will guide you on how to delete a blog on blogger.

How to delete a blog on blogger

Taking a back up before deleting your blog is highly recommended. You may need to download your blog if you want to post it in another blogger and all you need to do is to download the blog and then post it to another blogger or Cms.

Steps To Be Followed To Back up Your Blog.

1. Sign in to your blogger with your email address.
2. Click on ‘Settings’ in the sidebar.

Delete blogspot blog
3. On the drop-down that will appear select ‘Other’.

backup blog on blogger
4. Click on the ‘Back up content’ tab.

Backup Post In Blogger
5. Click on the ‘Save to your computer tab’ to download the content.
6. To restore you’re backed up content back into your blog, click on the ‘Import content’ tab and select the blog to be restored back to your blogger from your computer.

Steps to delete a blog from your blogger.

After taking back up off your blog you can delete the blog temporary from your blogger.The below steps will help you to how to delete a blog on blogger.

1. Sign in to your blogger with your email address.
2. Click on the down arrow on your left.
3. Select the blog to be deleted from the blogger.
4. On menu ‘Settings’ and then ‘Others’.

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Delete A blogger account
5. Now click on the ‘Delete blog tab’.

How To Restore Deleted Blog

Your blog can be restored within 90 days after your deletion day. After 90 days your blog will be permanently deleted. To restore your deleted blog follow the following steps;
1. Click the ‘Deleted blog’ tab.
2. Now click on the ‘Undelete’ button/tab to restore your blog.

Delete bloggerHow To Delete Your Blog Permanently.

Follow the following to how to delete a blog on blogger Permanently.

1. Click on the down arrow on your left.
2. Now select the name of the blog you want to permanently delete.
3. Click on the inverted triangle at the end of the blog name.

permanently delete a blog
4. Now click on the ‘Delete permanently’ tab.
5. On the popup message that will appear click on ‘Permanently delete’ tab.

You can also follow the official Guide provided by Google support here. Blogger and blog on that account can be easily deleted tough there is no option to delete blogger account, as  Blogger is Google’s free tool for creating blogs. So to delete blogger account you need to delete the whole google account with its connected services.

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