Duet AI | AI will generate text, images and spreadsheets in Google apps

Duet AI | AI will generate text, images and spreadsheets in Google apps

Artificial intelligence tools provide numerous benefits to enhance work efficiency, and Google aims to capitalize on this trend. At the Google I/O event, the company recently unveiled Duet AI, a feature integrated into Workspace, its suite of applications, that assists with writing, creating visual aids for presentations, and overall productivity improvement.

Duet AI in Gmail

Duet AI is an integral part of Workspace and is implemented in various ways across different programs. It operates discreetly to offer word recommendations when writing emails or documents in Gmail and Docs. However, the functionality of the tool is set to expand further. It will soon be integrated into the Gmail mobile app to assist with composing professional responses and completing names.

AI-powered imaging on Google

Google Slides incorporates Duet AI as an AI-based image generator that interprets text descriptions to produce unique visuals, enhancing the creative process.

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For instance, marketers can leverage the tool to generate preliminary ideas for a new campaign based on meeting discussions. While the AI-generated sketches may not make it to the final product, they can help identify any inconsistencies in the ideas presented.

Google Sheets Automation

Working with spreadsheets can be time-consuming and requires specialized knowledge, making automated solutions highly desirable. In Google Sheets, Duet AI will be accessible through the “Help me organize” function, which acts as a guide to assist users in developing strategies to arrange data within a document. This feature will significantly streamline organizing data, ultimately enhancing productivity.

Artificial Intelligence in Google Docs

In Google’s text editor, Duet AI will be a valuable tool to assist with mundane and repetitive tasks. Specifically, the AI-powered bot can aid in crafting professional and personalized content, such as job descriptions, by providing suggestions and formatting guidance.

While human review is still necessary, Duet AI can help kick-start a project and generate ideas on proceeding with the text. Furthermore, the tool can serve as an active reviewer by offering suggestions on avoiding word repetition, adjusting the writing tone, and recommending the next steps for the content.

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Duet AI available for testing

Google has made Duet AI available for testing via Workspace Labs, and those interested can register for the waitlist.

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