How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

What is Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories is a feature that allows users to share their stories in a more creative and personal way than before. There are three different types of stories: either photo stories, text stories, or vlogs (video journals). Users can use this feature to tell the story of their life in an interactive format with the use of photos and videos.


To view Facebook stories anonymously, without being discovered, you need to use a few tricks. After all, by default, the social network always shows who viewed the photos and videos posted in stories, and there is no option to see the hidden.

We’ve put together the best tips to View Facebook Stories Anonymously on mobile and PC. Check out!


How to View Facebook Stories Anonymously

View Facebook Stories Anonymously On Mobile

Bluer for Facebook offers the option to see your friends’ stories on Facebook without being discovered. But, unfortunately, the app is not available on Playstore. You may need to download the Apk unofficially.

Once Downloaded the app follow the Steps Below:

  1. Open Bluer for Facebook + Messenger and go to Login with Facebook.
  2. Access your Facebook account.
  3. Now, go to the circle icon, with the partially dashed line to access the stories.
  4. It is possible that in the first attempt you will see the error. Just tap Refresh to load the posts.
  5. Then, just tap on the stories to open and view them without being discovered.

View Facebook Stories Anonymously without any app

If you are not sure about the app security and privacy and do not want to give access to any third-party developers, then you can use these tricks to view stories Anonymously

1. Airplane mode

This trick works on both android and iPhone. You just need to enable the Airplane mode. Just follow the guide below:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and refresh the page by pulling the screen from top to bottom.
  2.  Now activate airplane mode on your mobile. In general, on Android, the option is in the Quick Settings menu, accessible by dragging the phone’s screen from top to bottom. On iPhone, the feature is in Control Center.
  3. With airplane mode activated, go back to the Facebook app and tap on the stories. The app will only display those that appear highlighted. If the person has made more than one post, you will only be able to see the most recent one.
  4. When you’re done watching, close the Facebook app before turning off airplane mode. Thus, it guarantees that it will not even be discovered.

2. Drag to the side. But not much!

Another way to view stories without being discovered is to move on to the next post without leaving the screen. The tip only works for photos and only allows you to view the most recent post.

  • When you find the post you want to see, tap on the one that comes right before it. Then, drag your finger from right to left, as if going to the story you want to view. The trick here is to not scroll to the end and keep your finger holding the screen.
  • When you’re done watching, without releasing the screen, drag the story again from left to right. Thus, it is possible to snoop through almost the entire image and not be discovered.

3. Deactivate your Facebook account

This trick is recommended for anyone who has already viewed someone’s story and still doesn’t want to be discovered. Although a little extreme, it is the last measure for those who accessed the stories unintentionally and are desperate for anonymity.

By deactivating your account for 24 hours, your profile picture will not be shown to the author of the post. On the other hand, this means going a whole day without accessing the social network.

4. Block the Person

This should be the last option which is to Block the Person whose story you have viewed. Tough this will also remove the person from your friend list.

Facebook Stories are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family on the go, but sometimes you don’t want everyone in your Facebook group to know what’s going on. And We hope this article helped you with that.

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