1 in 5 Steam users are now using Windows 11


A recent survey has revealed that approximately one in every five Steam users has embraced the Windows 11 operating system. This indicates positive progress for Microsoft’s latest OS compared to previous surveys. In June, the percentage of Steam users on Windows 11 surpassed 20% for the first time, reaching a notable 21.23%.

Analyzing the growth rate from the previous month of May, there has been a notable increase of 1.64 percentage points in the number of Steam users adopting Windows 11. This upward trend is a promising sign that gamers are gradually placing their trust in the latest operating system from Microsoft. With the upcoming Windows 11 feature update, this positive momentum will likely continue in the following months.


Windows 10 continues to be #1 on Steam

The proportions of other Windows versions were also determined in the same survey. It turned out that Windows 11 is up and up, but the predecessor version, Windows 10, is still the undisputed number 1 among gamers.

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According to the Steam survey, 71.32 percent rely on a Windows 10 version. Gamers’ preference for Steam is clearly on the side of Windows 10. But there are signs of a change, and in a few months, this number could have shrunk significantly. Interestingly, this Steam survey revealed that 3.17 percent of gamers continue to rely on Windows 7.


In general, the Microsoft operating systems are ahead for Steam gamers. The proportion of MacOS gamers was just 2.45 percent. Linux makes it to 1.18 percent. Therefore, Microsoft is in 1st place overall, which is very clear.

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