Can I temporarily disable LinkedIn?

Can I temporarily disable LinkedIn

Suppose you can’t take it anymore and want to take a break from social media, especially those involving work. In that case, you’ve probably asked yourself, “can I disable LinkedIn temporarily?”.

Although social networks are quite interesting for finding good connections and jobs, they may still not be very good, and you want to get out of them. Therefore, we’ve compiled this and other important information to help you escape this environment. Find out more below!

Is it possible to temporarily disable LinkedIn?

It is not possible to temporarily deactivate your LinkedIn account. However, you can change the visibility of your profile to control what information is accessed and used. To change your profile visibility, follow these steps:

  1. Open LinkedIn, click on your photo in the upper right corner of the page, and click on “Settings and Privacy”;
  2. In the left menu, click on “Visibility”;
  3. Then click on “Profile View Options”;
  4. Check the “You will be in full private mode” option.
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Remove your information from search engines.

Another option given by LinkedIn is to ask search engines to remove your data — Google, Bing, or Yahoo, for example. The process can be done through the following links:

LinkedIn does not control what is shown or not shown in search engines. That is why the user himself must request this procedure.

How to delete your LinkedIn profile

If you do not intend to continue on the social network, perhaps the only option is to delete your LinkedIn account.

  1. Go to LinkedIn’s “Settings & Privacy” tab;
  2. In the “Account Preferences” tab, locate and click on “Close Account”;
  3. Select the reason for account deletion and enter your password to confirm the action. Remember that it can take at least 72 hours for the profile to be removed from the social network.
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