What does “Promoted Jobs” Mean on LinkedIn?

What does Promoted Jobs Mean on LinkedIn

If you’re looking for job openings on LinkedIn, you probably wonder what a “Promoted Job” means. We’ve gathered information related to promoted job ads; take a look!

What is a “Promoted job” on LinkedIn

Whenever you encounter a “promoted job” on LinkedIn, the company pays LinkedIn to publicize it. The measure aims to bring more transparency to candidates seeking a job.


In the social network, companies that advertise promoted vacancies are three times more likely to reach qualified candidates for the vacancy in question.

Because promoted jobs appear at the top of search results, job recommendations, and instant mobile alerts, recruiters receive alerts about qualified candidates.


The social network also offers these vacancies more frequently to qualified candidates, increasing the chance of an applicant being hired.

How to create a job posting on LinkedIn

Creating a job posting on LinkedIn can be done quickly and conveniently.

  1. Go to  the “Vacancies” tab in the top menu;
  2. Click on “Advertise vacancy for free” in the left menu;
  3. Fill in the initial information of the vacancy and click on “Start for free”;
  4. Fill in the description and proceed;
  5. Enter the application options and click on “Advertise for free”;
  6. The ad will be published properly. However, a banner will offer the option to promote the job, so use it to promote it. That way, it will be displayed with the “Promoted” badge.

Source: Linkedin

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