Google Working on “New search engine” With AI to rival Bing


According to leaked internal documents, Google is developing a major revamp of its search engine and incorporating new tools utilizing artificial intelligence to compete against Bing and ChatGPT.

The documents reveal that Google became wary of Microsoft’s search engine after discovering that Samsung is in talks to change the default search engine for its devices. This information was reported on The New York Times website.


Google’s upcoming search engine, code-named “Magi,”

According to leaked internal documents, Google’s upcoming search engine, code-named “Magi,” is set to rival Bing and ChatGPT with new artificial intelligence tools and conversational capabilities.

Magi may be a commercial version of Bard


The new search engine aims to counter the threat posed by Microsoft’s Bing, which Samsung is reportedly considering using as the default search engine for its Galaxy devices.

Google is in a state of panic and is working hard to bring Magi AI to its search engine. The initial launch of Magi will only be available to 1 million users in the US, with a planned launch in May.

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AI in Search and Chrome

According to leaked internal company documents, Google is not only working on the “Magi” project but also on generative AIs for image generation, potentially called “GIFI,” and AI integration in Chrome similar to Bing’s sidebar in Edge.

The AI integration in Chrome would be able to identify elements on the screen and suggest messages, searches, and other shortcuts to make web browsing easier.

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