30 Free AI Websites and Apps Like ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a free artificial intelligence tool that offers additional features for paid subscribers. However, various equally capable and comparable free alternatives are available, each focusing on specific activities.

In this article, we have compiled a list of these AI tools and their notable abilities, whether generating optimized content in text, video, or image formats. This resource can be your go-to reference when you require assistance creating high-quality, tailored content across different mediums.


Free AI Websites and Apps Like ChatGPT

AI tools To create images

  1. Bing Image Creator ( bing.com ): Best general art generator;
  2. DALL-E 2 ( openai.com ): Best Original or Artistic Image Creator;
  3. Dream ( dream.ai ): best AI art generator for mobile phones;
  4. Craiyon ( craiyon.com ): best free art generator;
  5. Stable Diffusion ( stablediffusionweb.com ): best generator of realistic or photographic images.
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Bing Image Creator connects to a DALLE-2 API to generate images

Regrettably, Midjourney’s free version has been discontinued; therefore, it is not included as a recommendation on this list. However, we have compiled various other AI tools that offer free alternatives and can assist you in various tasks. These tools provide similar functionalities and can be explored as alternatives to Midjourney.


AI to answer questions.

  1. Bing Chat ( bing.com ): best chatbot for answering general questions;
  2. Aria Opera ( opera.com ): best browser-integrated solution;
  3. Perplexity Ask ( perplexity.ai ): best alternative AI search engine for iOS and Android;
  4. Bard ( bard.google.com ): Better AI built into Google Search;
  5. You ( you.com ): Best privacy-focused AI search engine.

Bing Chat has a direct connection to the web to access data in real time

AI to generate text

  1. Chatsonic ( writesonic.com ): best AI for generating posts and captions for social networks;
  2. Koala Writer ( koala.sh ): best article writer for blogs optimized with SEO techniques;
  3. ContentBot.AI ( contentbot.ai ): best chatbot for digital marketing content;
  4. SwiftKey ( microsoft.com ): best mobile keyboard with ChatGPT AI;
  5. ParagraphAI ( paragraphai.com ): best cross-platform keyboard with built-in AI.
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Chatsonic can be configured for specific purposes, such as creating posts for social networks

AI to create videos

  1. Pictory ( pictory.ai ): best AI tool for editing high-quality videos;
  2. Synthesia ( synthesia.io ): best AI for creating animated avatars;
  3. Deepbrain AI ( deepbrain.io ): best solution to generate AI videos from text;
  4. Kapwing ( kapwing.com ): best app for creating AI videos with full interface;
  5. InVideo ( invideo.io ): Best AI site for social media or motivational videos.

Pictory lets you create content from scripts, articles, texts or photos

AI to chat

  1. Replika ( replika.com ): best AI chatbot for building digital relationships;
  2. Character AI ( character.ai ): best AI tool for creating digital personalities;
  3. Hugging Face ( huggingface.co ): the best open-source interface for AI conversations;
  4. Romantic AI ( romanticai.com ): best solution for anyone looking for romance with an AI;
  5. Pi ( heypi.com ): Best motivational AI for bad times.

AI for programmers

  1. TensorFlow ( tensorflow.org ): best AI solution for advanced programmers;
  2. PyTorch ( pytorch.org ): Best AI tool for Python fluents;
  3. Keras ( keras.io ): best app for building AI-integrated APIs;
  4. OpenCV ( opencv.org ): best AI for building computer vision apps;
  5. Rasa ( rasa.com ): Best tool for creating AI-based chatbots.
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If you’re looking to delve into open-source solutions in artificial intelligence, GitHub AI is the go-to platform. This repository is a hub for a wide range of AI projects developed by talented individuals worldwide. By exploring the projects hosted on GitHub AI, you can gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge in artificial intelligence.

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