GPT-5 is not being trained, says OpenAI CEO

GPT-5 is not being trained, says OpenAI CEO

In an interview with MIT in the USA, OpenAI president and co-founder Sam Altman stated that their company does not train a successor to GPT-4.

Altman said he was not training GPT-5 and won’t be for some time when responding to a question about a letter from experts calling for a six-month halt on generative AI development, including ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

The response from Altman also said that “it’s kind of silly” to stop new AIs from being created precisely because GPT-5 isn’t being developed, but that doesn’t mean GPT-4, recently announced, has been put on hold, either.

“We’re doing other things on top of GPT-4 that I think have many important security aspects that weren’t covered in the charter,” the executive said without specifying what those “other things” would be.

Can it be believed that GPT-5 is not being developed?

There is no doubt that GPT-5 is not in development. Does this address ethical concerns related to generative AIs? Certainly not. Even though the “darling” of AIs stopped working completely today, many giants are tinkering in this same field — Google, Amazon, and Meta — even though GPT-4 can already connect to the internet.

  What is Generative AI?

This means that the problem is much broader, so the solution to preventing this type of program from doing more harm than good to the internet and people must also be broader.

Currently, the US and China, for example, are already starting to move towards regulating the sector; ChatGPT has already been banned in Italy, which could serve as a preview of what’s to come.

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