How to Enable Focus Mode on Windows 11


Focus Mode is a feature to pause notifications and alerts for certain periods and helps users stay focused on their work, study, or leisure activities.

The function can be configured on Windows or macOS computers and contains customization options to create automatic rules, exceptions, schedules, and filters.


How to Activate Focus Mode on Windows

Focus Mode can be activated in Windows through the clock application, system settings, or the action center on the taskbar.

By the clock

  1. Click “Start” and open the “Clock” application;
  2. Select the “Focus Sessions” tab;
  3. Set the minutes for the focus session;
  4. Click on “Login”;
  5. If you wish, a timer can be displayed on the screen to control your focus period.

By System Settings

  1. Click start and open “Settings”;
  2. Select “System”;
  3. Click on the “Focus Assist” tab (or “Focus Settings” in Windows 11);
  4. Select a focus mode option: “Disabled”, “Alarms only,” or “Priority only”;
  5. Click on “Customize your priority list” to define which notifications are allowed in this option;
  6. Configure automatic rules for the focus period;
  7. You can enable rules for specific times, for when the screen is duplicated, when playing games, or when an application is in full screen.
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Enable Focus Mode on Windows Windows 10 Action Center

  1. On the taskbar, click on the “action center”;
  2. Click on expand to see all the options of the center;
  3. Press the “Focus Assist” button to start the session;
  4. Switch between focus options: “Disabled,” “Alarms only,” or “Priority only”;
  5. Click the secondary mouse button to open the “Focus Assist” settings to customize the options.

How to Enable Focus Mode on macOS

macOS also has a Focus Mode to help its users stay productive and reduce distractions.

  1. On the Menu bar, click on the “Control Center” icon;
  2. Select the “Focus” section;
  3. Activate a “Focus” function or choose “Focus Adjustments” to customize;
  4. Click “Add Focus” to create a new focus setting;
  5. Choose from Focus options (Do Not Disturb, Mindfulness, Gaming, Reading, Personal, Work, or Custom) and set your preferences for filters and schedules;
  6. New focus modes are added in the Focus section of the Control Center.
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Focus can also be found by opening “System Settings” in macOS.

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