Microsoft releases nostalgic wallpapers with Windows classics


Last week, Microsoft decided to please the most nostalgic users with a pack of wallpapers for Microsoft Teams, its platform for corporate communication. Clippy, the virtual assistant for Office, the default wallpaper for Windows XP, and Paint and Solitaire are back as wallpapers to decorate chat rooms and show how the classics never get old in the hearts of those who saw the operating system evolve.

The pack brings modern reinterpretations of old popular Windows figures. Starting with Clippy, he appears over a pile of papers with his characteristic look (and even a little apprehensive, if you remember his inconvenient performance), as if he was always waiting for a new request for help.


On the Solitaire game wallpaper, Microsoft celebrates 31 years since the game’s debut back in Windows 3.0. Here, the cards take on a large size, almost like in a large studio, and bounce off the walls, simulating the effect generated by the deck when the player wins the dispute.

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Another well-represented classic is Paint — the first, introduced in 1985, in Windows 1.0. The editing tool has undergone numerous reformulations and has a spiritual successor (much less famous), Paint 3D.


Finally, Windows XP’s default wallpaper speaks for itself. After all, nothing is more characteristic in the history of Microsoft than the sunny valley that greeted users after the first boot.

Teams more and more complete

Microsoft Teams is on track to become a general-purpose communication platform in Windows 11, from work teams collaborating remotely to family and friends communicating without leaving home. Nothing better, then, than preparing for the arrival of more users with a robust set of wallpapers to highlight the evolution of the OS.

Of this set, you can only miss the classic version of MSN, whose purpose perfectly matches the new Teams. Who knows, maybe in the future, the owner of Windows will decide to put it among the options, right?

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The wallpaper pack is available for free download from Windows official website, all in Full HD resolution. So you can place them wherever you like — even on your desktop if you want to be reminded of iconic figures often.

For you, what other resource should be rethought as a modern wallpaper? tell the CT about your longing in the comments field below.

Source: Microsoft

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