Microsoft Shows the New File Explorer for Windows 11


Microsoft has repeatedly expressed its intention to revamp Windows File Explorer with a new underlying framework built on WinUI3. Exciting news awaits fans of the Windows 11 operating system as they can anticipate a video demonstration of the upcoming file explorer during the Build 2023 developer conference.

Although the video primarily showcased Windows Copilot, those paying close attention could glimpse the new Explorer. While it wasn’t a direct introduction to the revamped File Explorer, Microsoft chose this approach to gauge the community’s reaction and gather valuable feedback.


This engagement with the user community is a positive step forward, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to delivering an enhanced user experience.

Windows boss Panos Panay spreads a video on Twitter.

Windows boss Panos Panay’s enthusiastic sharing of the video on Twitter makes it clear that the unveiling of the new file explorer for Windows 11 was intentional. Excitingly, the video featuring the file explorer can now be found on the popular video platform YouTube.

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However, it requires attentive viewing, as the explorer is only briefly visible. Watch until the end of the video to catch a glimpse of it.

What’s new in Windows 11’s File Explorer?

The improvements are noticeable right away. Microsoft has made changes such as relocating the search and address bars closer to the tabs and placing file and folder actions alongside the main navigation, bringing them more prominently into view.

The start page now features prominent file recommendations, and the new gallery view offers a visually pleasing experience. Additionally, the tree navigation has been revised on the left edge of the screen.

Although the official release date for the new File Explorer in Windows 11 is still unknown, the initial images look promising. It gives hope that Microsoft is trying to deliver a well-executed update.

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