Microsoft Store Gets New AI Section


In the Build 2023 update, Microsoft Store introduces several exciting innovations. One of the standout features is the enhanced integration of AI within the store, accompanied by the introduction a dedicated AI hub. This new section serves as a platform for community members and developers to come together, share, and engage in discussions surrounding AI tools.

Microsoft aims to foster a deeper understanding and exploration of this transformative technology within its community by prioritizing artificial intelligence. The company recognizes the value of collective knowledge and aims to encourage active participation and collaboration among its users in AI.


The AI ​​section comes with a handy search query.

In the new AI area of the Microsoft Store, users will have access to a convenient search function that allows them to swiftly and effortlessly find the specific tools they seek. This feature, well-received in the Microsoft Store, ensures a seamless browsing experience for users exploring the AI section.

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Additionally, the AI area boasts an array of offerings from various providers, including Descript, Kenso, Neo, and other AI plugins. This diverse selection allows users to explore and leverage different AI tools based on their needs and preferences. With these features, Microsoft Store aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for accessing a wide range of AI resources.


Are the apps checked for security flaws?

The commitment to app security remains a priority, extending to the new AI section within the Microsoft Store. Microsoft follows a thorough security evaluation process for newly introduced apps, ensuring they meet security standards. Additionally, an age compatibility check is in place to safeguard user experience. Developers interested in featuring their app in the new AI section must complete and submit a form for review. Once successfully vetted, the app can secure a place in the Microsoft Store’s AI section.

The store also offers an AI-powered summary tool that simplifies reviewing user feedback for specific apps. This tool provides a comprehensive overview of user reviews, making it easier for users to assess the app’s quality. In the future, Microsoft plans to introduce its own AI generator that developers can utilize to generate keywords for their apps.

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According to reliable sources, these new functions are expected to be rolled out shortly, demonstrating Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the AI section of the Microsoft Store.

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