Bug in copying large files in Windows 11 is fixed


Windows 11 may finally get a fix for a bug caused when copying large files. The flaw causes slowdowns when performing the action on larger files, taking twice as long as it should.

The issue has existed since December 2022, but Microsoft still hasn’t fixed it. This will be solved with the future arrival of the Moment 2 update for Windows 11 22H2. So far, the update is optional and exclusive to testers, but the company should release it by distributing an update next Tuesday (14).


Anyone who installs the KB5022913 patch should have their file copy restored to normal speed. The latest Windows site tested the preview version and found the problem solved.

What caused the slowness?

It’s unclear how big a file needs to be to slow the transfer, nor how many machines were affected by the outage. The first reports were made by corporate users, who deal with larger files daily, although home networks were also slow.

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Microsoft did not detail the cause, but it was a bug exclusive to Windows 11. As it took almost three months for a solution, it can be assumed that it is a problem of complex resolution.

No issues other than slowness have been reported, so data on affected machines should not be corrupted or lost. Even so, it’s a good idea to make a backup before installing the patch to ensure data integrity.


Moment 2 should fix other bugs, such as File Explorer failures and Bluetooth keyboard pairing, in addition to bringing expected new features. Link to Mobile support with iOS devices should be one of the most celebrated introductions as it will benefit iPhone owners. The update is also expected to add Bing with ChatGPT to the taskbar.

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