How to Change Language for Specific Apps on Mac

How to Change Language for Specific Apps on Mac

We have already addressed that changing Mac’s language is an excellent alternative for people who bought their computer abroad or want more contact with a different language. However, if you find it too radical to change the entire language of macOS, how about changing only specific apps?

Many people don’t know that Mac allows you to choose different languages ​​for the applications installed on the system. For example, you can browse the system in Any Language and use Safari in English. Interesting.

Important: As this is a new feature, you must install macOS Catalina or higher. Also, likely, some apps are not able to switch languages.

Did you heed the warnings? It’s time to learn how to change the language of a Mac application. Check it out!

How to Change the Language of a Mac Application

1. In the top menu bar, click the  button and go to “System Preferences…”.

2. Go to “Language and Region.” Then select the “Apps” tab.

3. Click the “+” button and choose the application you want to modify the language. Then choose the language and click “Add.”

If you want the app to return to the default Mac language, click the “-” button. That simple!