How to Center Your Windows 10 Taskbar Icons


Hello everyone! Exciting news with the Windows 11 buzz, huh? Everyone’s eager to get their hands on the latest system update. And guess what? It’s bringing some really neat stuff. One of them is the “Centralized Taskbar.” Windows 11 introduces a new taskbar style where your app icons gather in the center. That could make things more convenient to see!

But here’s the thing: you can center your icons on the taskbar in Windows 10, too! I’ll show you how. Let’s take a peek!


How to Center the Taskbar in Windows 10

1. Right-click on your taskbar to see more options, so if the option “Lock the taskbar” is active, click on it to deactivate;

2. Then, there in the option “Toolbar,” activate the button “Links”;


3. With these options active, you can freely move the buttons on your taskbar;

4. Drag the “Links” button to your program icons. Oh! And it’s worth remembering that you must drag until they appear on the other side of the bar, OK?

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5. Once that’s done, move the icons on your taskbar to the center. With everything right, click the right button on the bar and check the option “Lock the taskbar” again.

6. Ready! So, you can use the centralized taskbar in Windows 10.

Quick, right? Now you know how to center your taskbar in Windows 10. Did you like this tip? Share this article with your friends!

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