How to Delete All Emails from Gmail on iPhone

How to Delete All Emails from Gmail on iPhone

If you have a Google email account and need to clean up your inbox on your iPhone, whether to tidy up your emails or create more space in your cloud storage, you can quickly delete all emails from Gmail with a straightforward method.

To get started, ensure you have already added your Google email account to the built-in Mail app on your iPhone. Unlike the Google app, the Mail app allows you to select all messages simultaneously for editing or deleting. Here’s how you can do it:


How to Delete All Emails from Gmail on iPhone

1. Open the “Mail” app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on “Mailboxes,” located at the top-left corner of the screen to see your email accounts.


3. Choose your Google email account from the list.

4. In the top-right corner, you’ll see an “Edit” button. Tap on it.

5. A small circle will appear next to each email message.

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6. Tap on the circle next to any email to select it. A blue checkmark will indicate that it’s selected.

7. Look for the “Select All” option at the bottom of the screen and tap on it. This will select all the emails in your Gmail account.

8. Once all emails are selected, you can either tap the “Trash” icon to delete them or “Move” if you want to move them to a different folder.

9. Confirm the deletion or moving action if prompted.

And that’s it! All selected emails will be moved to your specified folder or permanently deleted from your Gmail account.

To permanently delete them, go to the “Trash” box, select everything again, and tap “Delete.”

In conclusion, managing and decluttering your Gmail inbox on an iPhone is a straightforward process with the help of the built-in Mail app. Adding your Google email account to the Mail app allows you to select all emails at once, making it easy to delete or move them in bulk. This efficient method saves time and effort, keeping your inbox organized and freeing up cloud storage space.

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With a few simple steps, you can quickly clean up your Gmail account, improve email organization, and enjoy a more streamlined email experience on your iPhone.

So, whether you want to create more space or maintain a tidy inbox, using the Mail app’s feature to manage your Gmail emails is a handy solution for any Google email account user on iOS devices.

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