How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp

How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently added the option to edit messages in individual conversations and group chats. This editing feature remains accessible for up to 15 minutes after the message is sent as a convenient tool for rectifying typos and preventing conversation misinterpretation. This feature eliminates the need to delete the entire message, allowing quick modifications.

When a message is edited, it is labeled as “Message edited at,” followed by the timestamp of the last modification. This notification ensures that other participants in the conversation are informed about the change.

All adjustments are available in an edit history to compare to avoid tampering with the conversation.

How to edit messages on WhatsApp

If you want to edit a message sent on WhatsApp, follow the steps corresponding to your cell phone model or via computer.

On iPhone

  1. Long Press your finger on the message you want to edit;
  2. Choose the “Edit” option from the menu;
  3. Modify the text of the message;
  4. Confirm the edit.
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Edit Messages on WhatsApp Iphone


On Android

  1. Long Press your finger on the message you want to edit;
  2. Tap the three-dot button at the top of the screen;
  3. Choose the “Edit” option;
  4. Modify the text of the message;
  5. Confirm the edit.

On WhatsApp Web

  1. Drag the mouse pointer to the message you want to edit;
  2. Click on the options button;
  3. Select the “Edit message” option;
  4. Make the changes and submit.

edit messages on WhatsApp web

If you receive the warning “This message has been edited for everyone in this conversation using the latest version of WhatsApp,” it indicates that individuals in the same conversation who do not have the most recent version of WhatsApp will not be able to view the edited message.

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