How to Subscribe to Globoplay and Disney+

How to Subscribe to Globoplay and Disney+

Do you want to access the latest content from the two biggest streaming platforms?

Then you need to know How to subscribe to the Globoplay and Disney+ combo. The process is quite simple, but there are details that all potential customers should know before swiping their credit cards.

As you can imagine, the option combines all the content of the two platforms. This includes movies, series, documentaries, and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The list extends to original and exclusive content from Globoplay and a live signal from TV Globo and Canal Futura.

What plans does the Globoplay and Disney+ combo offer?

There are two modalities on the site: Globoplay and Disney+, and another option include both, in addition to live channels of the first streaming. In any of the plans, there is a monthly and annual modality.

In the first case, the monthly plan costs R$ 69.90, and the annual plan costs R$ 718.80, which can be paid in 12 interest-free installments, resulting in R$ 59.90 per month. The plan that includes Globoplay and Disney + is cheaper. The subscriber must pay R$43.90 for the monthly plan and R$454.90 for the annual plan. This amount can be diluted in 12 installments of R$ 37.90.

If the subscriber decides to pay for the annual plan in cash and, for some reason, cancels the contract during the term, the subscriber will receive a full refund for the remaining months. This benefit, unfortunately, ceases to exist if the customer wants to pay the total amount in installments. According to the company, the amount is due to the credit card operator and will be charged by the deadline.

How to subscribe Globoplay and Disney+ together

1. On the official website, scroll down to “Disney+ Offers”. Choose between the basic combo and the one with live channels. Then, select the monthly or annual option and click on “Subscribe now”;

2. Enter your Globo account credentials or create one. Choose the payment method, enter the necessary data and, at the end of the page, tap on “Pay”.

After you have entered the payment details, review the purchase details and confirm the action. Then, enter your phone number and, to finish, tap the “Activate Disney+” button. In a few minutes, you will receive an email about your purchase. It is important to note that, unfortunately, the combo is not available abroad.

Those Who have already subscribed to Globoplay can subscribe to the combo?

If you are already a Globoplay subscriber and want to buy the combo, it is important to be aware of the conditions of change:

  • Subscribers to the Globoplay monthly plan (contracted through the site) can switch to the monthly combo plan;
  • If the Globoplay package is annual, the exchange for the combo will also have to be in the annual mode;
  • For cases where the plan was contracted in app stores (App Store, Google Play, or Roku), Vivo Mobile, or with Globomail PRO, the exchange is not possible;
  • Those who are in the testing period of Globoplay + live channels must wait for the end of the gratuity to buy the combo;
  • If the Globoplay contract was made through a gift card, it is possible to buy the combo after the end date of the voucher, available in the globo account.

To change the subscription, open your Globo account and, in “View Payments,” click on the “Globoplay” subscription. Locate the option “See available offers” and then choose the combo in monthly or annual mode. Confirm the change, accept the contract, and tap the “Finish” button. As in the previous step-by-step, tap “Activate Disney+” to access the streaming catalog.

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