How to Use FaceTime Visual Contact on iPhone

How to Use FaceTime Visual Contact on iPhone

FaceTime has become integral to staying connected with friends and family, allowing you to see and hear loved ones even when miles apart. Apple has introduced the Visual Contact feature to enhance the visual experience during FaceTime calls.

This feature enables your iPhone’s front camera to adjust its framing based on movement, ensuring you stay in the frame even when moving around. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of using FaceTime Visual Contact on your iPhone.


How to Use FaceTime Visual Contact on iPhone

1. Update to iOS 15

Ensure that your iPhone is running on iOS 15 or later. The Visual Contact feature is available on compatible devices with this software version.

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2. Make a FaceTime Call

Open the FaceTime app on your iPhone and initiate a video call with your contact, as you would typically do.


3. Enable Visual Contact

During the FaceTime call, look for the Visual Contact button. This button resembles a small eye icon located at the screen’s bottom left corner.

4. Tap the Visual Contact Button

Tap on the Visual Contact button to enable the feature. Once activated, your iPhone’s front camera will adjust its framing to keep you centered in the video call, even if you move around.

5. Move Around

With Visual Contact enabled, feel free to move around while staying within the view of your iPhone’s camera. Whether grabbing a cup of coffee or adjusting your surroundings, the camera will adjust to keep you focused.

6. Disable Visual Contact

If you want to disable Visual Contact, tap the Visual Contact button again to turn off the feature. Your camera framing will then remain fixed until you enable it again.

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7. End the Call

When you’re ready to end the FaceTime call, tap the red “End” button at the bottom of the screen.

8. Experiment and Enjoy

Visual Contact is designed to make your FaceTime experience more dynamic and convenient—experiment with moving around during calls and enjoy the seamless adjustment of the camera framing.

With FaceTime Visual Contact, staying engaged in video calls has never been easier. Whether you’re catching up with friends or connecting with family, this feature ensures you can move naturally without worrying about being out of frame. Keep your conversations lively, and let FaceTime and Visual Contact enhance your virtual connections.

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