Unlocking Stylus Potential: Microsoft Enables Stylus Use in Windows 11


After years of debate and criticism, Microsoft has taken a significant step forward by embracing stylus functionality in its operating systems. Recognizing the need to catch up with the competition, Microsoft is diligently working behind the scenes to incorporate this long-awaited feature.

With the release of Windows 11 Preview Build 23481, Windows Insiders from the Dev Channel can now enjoy the convenience of using a stylus or finger to input information in all fields. This update promises a seamless experience, allowing users to maximize this newfound capability across various input fields.


Stylus usage in Windows 11: Usage not limited to specific programs

Rather than opting for a gradual integration of stylus functionality, as many might have anticipated, Microsoft has taken a bold approach by fully embracing this feature from the outset. Surpassing expectations, Microsoft allows users to utilize the new option across all input fields.

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This comprehensive implementation means users can use the stylus functionality in various scenarios. Whether jotting down notes or sketching ideas, the possibilities are endless as Microsoft opens up this exciting new avenue for enhanced input experiences.

  • The address bar of the Microsoft browser
  • The regular Windows search

Convenient “scratch out” gesture allows for error correction

In the latest Windows 11 Preview Build 23481, another notable feature called the “Scratch Out” gesture offers a convenient way to rectify mistakes. With this function, users can swiftly and effortlessly correct errors made using a stylus or their finger.

Microsoft has integrated advanced handwriting recognition technology to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of this additional capability. Now, users can enjoy a seamless and efficient experience when making corrections in their digital notes or handwritten content.

For the time being, the innovation only works in the English voice output

Currently, the availability of this new feature is limited to users who have set their operating system language settings to US/English. However, Microsoft has plans to extend support for other languages shortly.

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This means that users in Germany, for example, can still explore and test the enhanced input option by adjusting their language settings accordingly. Rest assured, Microsoft is working towards ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for users worldwide, and updates will be rolled out to enable the feature in different languages soon.

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