Modification leaves Windows 11 with Windows 2000 look


A mod promises to leave your Windows 11 with the look and applications of Windows 2000. This means you will have access to several programs used then, such as classic games, video players, Paint, and even Office with Clippy — the assistant/clipper. The role that has divided opinion in the past.

The creation is authored by a Reddit user, ExoGeniVI, who published his modification on the social network of forums. The software requires the installation of Stardock Window Blinds, an application to customize Windows in a very deep way.


ExoGeniVI optimized everything in a mega pack of throwbacks to the 2000s. It used a theme created by another user, Prozad94, a few years ago. It made additions to old software versions and modifications, such as Retrobar, Classic Explorer, Aero Tweaker, Open Explorer, Windows 95/98 icons, and site sounds.

Get ready to find the infamous Internet Explorer 5.5 and Microsoft Office 2000, the last version to feature Clippy before retirement. As it’s just a mod, not everything will work all the time perfectly, and to notice some visual glitches or incorrect executions.

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Even so, it is necessary to emphasize the great work in making such old apps work on state-of-the-art machines. IE, for example, loads a lot of websites without too much trouble—although it has several unpatched security holes.

How to install Windows 2000 mod on Windows 11?

Anyone who wants to play with the project to bring Win 2000 back must understand that this modification can leave the PC vulnerable. Hence, the recommendation is only to use it on an alternative machine. Make sure to back up important data and create a restore point in Windows to roll back in case of problems.

If you still want to try it, you can do it. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, download the StarDock Window Blinds 11 app;
  2. Look for the ExoGeniVI skin;
  3. Complete the setup, and you’re done;

Window Blinds 11 is famous for allowing the simulation of old systems in the latest software. Last year, for example, the company that created the app released a version of Windows XP that was quite successful.

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Who out there would like to return to play with Windows 2000? It’s only worth it for the nostalgia because the rest is expendable.

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