Snapchat Releases My AI chatbot to all users

Snapchat Releases My AI chatbot to all users

Snapchat has recently announced that it is making the My AI chatbot accessible for free to all of its users. Previously, this tool was only available to Snapchat+ subscribers.

My AI utilizes the same technology as ChatGPT and serves as a chat partner on the platform. Users can find the chatbot at the top of the conversations tab, and it can be summoned to perform a variety of simple tasks, such as suggesting dinner recipes or recommending gifts for friends.

Snapchat’s My AI Features

Users can configure the “Snapchat ChatGPT” chatbot to serve specific roles and adopt certain personality values such as friendship, learning, and fun. The AI has been programmed to follow the app’s content policy and security protocols.

Since its release to all users, the chatbot has been updated with new features. For example, adding the chatbot to group chats is now possible by mentioning it with an “@” symbol. Users can also customize the chatbot’s name and Bitmoji avatar.

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Additionally, the My AI chatbot can recommend augmented reality filters when using Snapchat’s camera and suggest places to visit using the app’s map tab.

Shortly, Snapchat’s chatbot will be equipped with a new feature enabling users to send visual messages and receive AI-generated images in response.

However, there have been some complaints on social media about the chat feed tool being disabled, as the platform requires a Snapchat+ subscription to remove My AI from the feed.


Despite this, the chatbot has been updated with new features, such as the ability to be added in group chats by mentioning it with an “@”, customized with a name and Bitmoji avatar, and the ability to recommend augmented reality filters and suggest places to visit through the app’s map tab.

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