What is Windows Server?


“Windows Server is a special software from Microsoft made for servers, which are powerful computers that manage networks. It’s like the boss computer for many other computers in a company.

The first version came out in 2003 and looked like Windows XP. Microsoft keeps updating it to match the changes in regular Windows, adding new things to make it better for managing networks.”


How does Windows Server work?

“Windows Server is like a toolbox for servers. It helps manage different things for other computers in a network, like programs and settings. Companies often use it to keep everything organized.

Windows Server Essentials 2019


With Windows Server, you can connect all the computers in a company to the main server. This lets you do things like managing who can use which computers and making sure all devices are secure. It also helps with assigning IP addresses, which are like phone numbers for computers.

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You can use Windows Server for office tasks too, like making it easy to share printers and store files together. It can also work with Microsoft’s cloud storage called Azure.”


What is the difference from the conventional version of Windows?

“For regular users, the way Windows Server looks is similar to the normal Windows you might use on your own computer.

But there are some differences. For example, apps, like Microsoft Store and Cortana are taken out, because the person in charge of the server decides what apps can be on each computer and what can’t.”

What are the minimum requirements to install Windows Server?

Microsoft proposes the following requirements for the 2022 version of the product:

  • Processor: from 1.4 GHz and 64-bit, x64 instruction set compatible;
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory or 2 GB 512 MB to use Server with Desktop Experience installation;
  • Available hard disk space: 36 GB;
  • Internet connection.
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How to Install Windows Server

There are different ways to install Windows Server with a free trial option. One of the most popular alternatives is Azure: With the cloud storage service for companies, creating a virtual machine and using the server package is possible. In addition, Microsoft makes ISO or VHD files available at the Assessment Center.

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