Best iOS Emulator Apps for Android Devices

iOS Emulator For Android

Have you ever missed the premium feeling of Apple’s operating system since switching to Android? Or do you want to experience it without buying a new device? Then you’ve come to the right place! You Could Run ios on android using iOS Emulator for Android which we are going to talk about today.

Here, I’ve gathered together four ios emulators that can turn your Android operating system into iOS, and outlined all of their features, so you can pick and choose which emulator is right for you, without having to travel to 4 different sites yourself. Let’s check out the best iOS emulator for Android. You could also download ios emulator for android from our or their official site.

Why would you need to use an iOS emulator on Android?

Emulators like Cider, iOSEmus, iEMU, and Appetize (emulators I’ll be discussing today) are all applications that mimic the software and hardware of an iPhone or iPad. This creates a virtual iOS environment on any Android device.


Because of this, iOS emulators for Android have many advantages and benefits which include being able to download and install apps only for iOS, and also being able to detect unknown activity on your device.

iOS Emulator for Android


Cider Apk ios emulator for android. Cider claims to be ‘the finest iOS emulator for Android devices’ and was named after the alcoholic drink cider which is made from fermented apples. Within the emulator, there are many positive features –

  • Small file size – only 8MB, which ensures a quick, speedy download that doesn’t take up realms of storage on your device
  • It’s completely free of annoying ads and you do not have to pay any money to download it.
  • It is malware-free and developed by experts at Columbia University – this ensures that the emulator is sure to be bug-free.

Overall, Cider is a trustworthy emulator that creates a natural iOS environment on your Android device.


iOSEmus is yet another great emulator for Android devices. It boasts an organized app layout as well as a trendy icon that appears on your device. It has similar features to other emulators – it allows you to download iOS apps on to an Android device.

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However, there is one key difference with this particular emulator, it works worldwide and adjusts to fit on any screen size. These two features set it apart from the others and make it appealing to a large range of audiences.


IEMU Emulator

iEMU is probably one of the best iOS emulators out there. It completely alters the Android interface and claims to be 90% similar to the real thing. Some other good features of this emulator are: how the files are open-sourced (they are free and easily accessible); and also how it does not require root access.

This lack of root access means that no matter what Android device you have, you can still download the emulator, making it accessible to everyone!



Finally the last emulator we will be looking at today is Appetize. This iOS emulator is very similar to other emulators. Despite this, there are 2 main features which make it stand out.
  • It can be run on a browser on PC
  • You can simultaneously run iOS and Android operating systems

These two features make Appetize very useful because if you ever wanted to run iOS on a Windows computer, for example, you’d be able to. Also, the ability to run the two operating systems at the same time means that if you changed your mind about running iOS on your device you could quickly switch back to Android whenever you wanted to.

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Overall, there are many different routes you can go down if you want to change the operating system on your Android device to iOS. Whether or not you decided to choose any of these iOS Emulators for Android options we have discussed today, I hope you have come to a clearer understanding of some of the features offered by these emulators and also what they do as a whole!


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