16 Best Apps For Rooted Android Device In 2023

Best Root Apps

It’s correct that rooting your android mobile has come to be much less crucial nowadays compared to days of older however you may still find a lot of reasons to root your mobile. It includes functionality that Without rooted phones cannot have.

It’s essentially its genre of programs. You knew that already, though. There are many specific apps for rooted phones. Here we will be listing out the best root apps for a rooted phone which every rooted user must have root apps; where some are essential root apps.

Best Apps for rooted phone

1. FlashFire


FlashFire is among the best root apps which every rooted user should have. The App primarily helps with firmware. Including firmware out of manufacturers, OTA upgrades, and much more. According to Chainfire this app is the successor to Mobile Odin.

It really does a good deal of the exact same substance, but more effortlessly. Additionally, it features a few different purposes. A number of this functionality demands the expert edition. It is not so costly, though. This can be an instrument that you ought to possess on your snare belt.

Note: FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, it should be used with caution. Data loss, soft bricks, and even hard bricks are possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are an expert user, consult FlashFire’s website and the XDA discussion thread before doing anything potentially destructive.

2. Flashify


Flashify is just another invaluable tool for flashers. It can flash all things. Including recoveries (either TWRP along with CWM), both zip files, kernels, G-apps, and also stock retrieval (expert feature just). You might even backup your retrieval along with kernel on Google-Drive or even Dropbox. Its last upgrade was a few years ago. But it should focus on many recent apparatus.


It’s particularly nice for folks that do not like ADB or even Fastboot. The free version offers you a preference. On the other hand, the paid version includes all of the products. It’s unquestionably among the ideal origin programs. It’s Popular among the apps for rooted phones.

3. Link2SD


Link2SD is a program that lets you install apps into an SD card. It enables users to manage apps and storage easily. This app uses secondary storage on an SD card and uses it as a segment of internal storage. It moves all the files including apk, Dalvik-cache and data files into the SD card partition and creates a link to the original location.

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4. Rom Toolbox

Rom Toolbox

This really is among those hardly any all-time solutions for root users who still are proven to work and proven to be the best apps for the rooted phone. It’s a whole lot of features that comprise an integrated file browser using origin, program manager (uninstall system programs, and so forth), ROM direction (make android copies), scriptwriter, font installer, and far more.

On some devices, you may even alter the boot cartoons, topics, and status bar Icon Packs. It will not benefit every telephone. However, it should do the job for many. The App is also featured on LifeHacker, XDA-Developers, Android Central, Android Police, and Some Other Popular Sites with a 5-star review. The app has 5 million downloads. It comes in two versions ROM Toolbox Lite and ROM Toolbox Pro.


5. Servicely


Servicely is a program that helps get a handle on desktop services. This will permit one to complete something just like to prevent Facebook from running in the background while the device screen is away just like how App Killers Apps Works. This is really a stop-gap for discontinuing rogue programs and the unwarranted aftermath capabilities of your device.

It can even improve performance and battery lifetime based on your stop services. It’s really a little more related now as a result of developments from Android’s Doze Mode. But it still is effective.

6. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup


Titanium Backup can be quite a very long-time mainstay on the very top of several origin lists also it seems nearly blasphemous not to include it all here. With this application it’s possible to uninstall bloatware (an absolute must-have for lots of people), suspend programs (leaves them installed but prevents them from ( running), and also copy your software and application data.

This program has ensured ROM flashers for several years. Everybody else urges it to brand new origin users. Due to its extraordinary features, it’s on the best root apps 2017 list. In case you have root, then go have it instantly. It’s probably in the best three most used root programs in history.

7. Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector does exactly what the program’s name implies. It makes it possible to will find programs that are behaving out online. Like that you may take the essential actions to avoid it. That is invaluable just because a wake lock may indicate lots of things. A rogue program moving nuts, even Google Play Services running uncontrolled, or occasionally it may also mean something goes wrong with your apparatus.

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Wake locks really are certainly one of the hardest reasons for battery drain and also many origin users finally end up with this specific program to aid them to determine the reason why. It’s among those crucial root programs for battery lifetime.

8. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework

The xposed framework has altered installing ROMs for most as the default option root encounter. Collars are made inside of their frame by most programmers who do various things such as theming, UI and performance alterations, visual modification, button remapping, plus more, much more.

Collars could be somewhat difficult to locate sometimes based on your own apparatus, but you will find lots of universal ones that you can utilize and revel in. This link will direct you toward the XDA ribbon where you are able to download it and discover more info. It is really a must-have for origin users nowadays.

9. Chainfire’s Liveboot

Chainfire LiveBoot

Chainfire’s Liveboot program does something that’s truly cool and potentially helpful to technically oriented users. The Live boot program employs root permissions to show the log cat and dmesg for your own screen when booting up your own Android device.

Users may configure log Cat levels to produce if to demonstrate that the dmesg or perhaps not, the number of lines showing onscreen, color coding, and also the choice to overlay it along with one’s boot cartoon. Additionally, it looks pretty cool for those who dig out a more decorative command-line booting appearance to your own device’s power-up cycle.

10. System App Remover

System App Remover

System App Remover Android is used to is remove those pre-installed system programs — also called bloat-ware — which include most new mobiles and waste precious internal memory and network tools.

Regrettably, there isn’t any simple method to recoup the memory they truly are inhabiting nevertheless, you can take them off to block the drain on your battery life and CPU. System App Remover can be actually a good tool for it.



If you are seriously interested in the sound output of your own frozen Android mobile then Viper4Adnroid FX could be the main program you desire. It’s too many features to list here, however, you can really go nuts using EQ manner settings, capture near-lossless sound quality, Boost your speaker’s output signal, capture hi-fi sound in your own headset and handle system sound settings to focus with almost any third party or system program. This app is not available in the play store but you can get it on XDA

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12. ROM Manager

ROM Manager

If you should be rooted and also wish to begin delving into the excellent world of habit ROMs and kernels, subsequently ROM Manager can be a must-have root program. It’s ostensibly the 1 program to rule them all, assisting you to manage recoveries, ROMs along kernels: essentially what a frozen tweaker might have to keep tabs on.

Additionally, there is a superior version with much more complex capabilities.

13. Re C

Re C

Screen recording might well not be helpful for the huge most users. However, for a few, it’s crucial. If you are a gamer, then a bug-catcher or basic go-to-guy for many friends and family with Android complications, subsequently having the capability to screen album is a bonus. And Re C is your very best root program for it. Although there are many apps, this app has features that others don’t, the reason it is on the best root apps list.

14. Device Control

If you should be frozen you finally find a way to either overclock or even under-volt your mobile. These terms essentially imply putting more power into your CPU or limiting the quantity of juice that your own battery works. Device Control provides you with all these options and plenty more, including a display and sound direction, a build. prop editor along with Tasker integration.

15. SD Maid

SD Maid

Internal storage is always likely to pose troubles, particularly for those people with an extremely obsessive relationship to brand-new programs and alterations. With root access, SD Maid takes charge of almost any phantom folders or files remaining when you’ve deleted data.

Additionally, it will come with a document browser, search application, and program management options that will assist you to release every inch of internal storage without even wasting a KB.

Final Words

These are some of the best and most-rated apps for rooted phones. These apps are easy to use if you are not into tech but understand a bit you can use these apps. Most of the apps in the list do the changes at the system level so before doing any changes in your device make sure to take backups.

If you have any queries let us know in the comment section 🙂

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