How to Check your usage of individual apps on your iPhone


If you’re curious about which apps you use the most throughout the day, iOS offers a handy feature called Screen Time. It allows you to see the usage time of apps on your iPhone, giving you insights into how you use your smartphone and your average daily usage.

This feature is particularly useful in making users aware of excessive usage of specific categories, like social networks or games, and it can also be applied to productivity and education apps. If you want to access this data on your Apple smartphone, here’s how you can do it: [Provide instructions on how to access Screen Time data on iOS].

  1. Open the iPhone Settings app. Then tap on “Usage Time.” If it is not activated, tap the toggle switch and wait at least one day to get relevant data from the feature;
  2. At the top of the screen, you can already see the average daily smartphone usage. Then tap on “View All Activities for more information;View All Activities Iphone
  3. Under “Usage Time,” see which categories of apps you use most of the time. The report is broken down by week, day, and data like:
    • “Most Used”: View the list of most used apps on iPhone individually or by category;
    • “Activations: Check the number of times you’ve used an app since you first activated it;
    • “Notifications”: Find out which apps have sent you the most notifications.
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