How to Send Anonymous Message on Instagram

How to Send Anonymous Message on Instagram

On Instagram, there is no native feature for sending anonymous messages. However, third-party apps and websites allow you to send and share unnamed messages.

Unlike other anonymous question apps, NGL (Android | iOS) allows you to link your Instagram account and create a specific layout for posting to Stories, similar to Instagram’s question box.

Here’s how to send an anonymous message on Instagram with NGL. NGL generates a link for people to submit questions without identifying the person’s name.

How to use NGL in Instagram Stories

  1. Download NGL and tap “Get Started”;
  2. Enter your Instagram username to proceed;
  3. The app will create the link to your question box and the image to the Stories. Tap “Copy link” to copy it and select “Share” to share the message on Instagram;
  4. On the Stories editing screen, tap the stickers icon and select the “Link” option;
  5. Then paste the question box address and add to Story;
  6. Finally, with the link added, post the image in your Stories and wait for the questions;
  7. With each new question in the inbox, the app sends a notification. Go to “Inbox” and tap the icon to open it;
  8. To reply, tap “Reply”;
  9. NGL will create an image for Instagram Stories. Reply through the social network and post to your followers.
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How to send an anonymous message on Instagram with NGL

  1. When someone posts the link to the question box, tap to open in your browser;
  2. Then enter your message and press “Send”;
  3. The app displays a confirmation message. Only the recipient will be able to read the content of the question and can decide to share it.

What can be done anonymously on Instagram?

In addition to using NGL to send messages, other applications also help those who want to use Instagram without leaving a trace. Anon IG Viewer, for example, allows you to view Stories without the other person knowing. The use of apps to view messages anonymously is also possible.

Is the NGL secure?

It doesn’t ask you for your Instagram login or password; it just uses your Instagram username to sign up for an Instagram account. Additionally, the app developer emphasizes that content data is encrypted in transit and that all information collected is the user’s ID.

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The official website of the NGL states that it uses artificial intelligence to identify and block harmful comments. If you wish to delete your NGL account, select “Delete account” in the application settings.

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