How to Watch Premiere Play on GloboPlay

How to Watch Premiere Play on GloboPlay

Sports fans might already know about Premiere Play if they want to keep up with live matches. A pay-per-view subscription service includes all national men’s soccer tournaments, including series A and B of the Campeonato Brasileiro, Copa do Brasil, and some state championships.

Exclusive game streaming, classic matches, and highlights videos are all included in the premiere. You can also set up alerts and choose your favorite team to receive notifications of upcoming rounds. Here’s how to watch Premiere Play on each platform using GloboPlay Account.


How to subscribe to Premiere Play

Premiere subscription can be done in two ways: on the streaming platform or through partner companies. In the first option, go to the website or app (Android | iOS) and click on “Subscribe now”. Then, choose from the available plans, log in with your Globo account, and confirm the payment.

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The service can also be subscribed to on other partner platforms, such as TV operators and Amazon Prime Video. Premiere is compatible with Claro, Claro TV Box, and Vivo customers subscriptions. In these cases, it is necessary to access your operator login. In the situations of Amazon Prime Video and DirecTV Go, the subscription is made on the respective platforms.


How to watch Premiere Play on mobile

  1. Download the Premiere app and log in with your Globo account;
  2. Right on the home screen, a match schedule is displayed with upcoming matches and live streams;
  3. In the “Games” tab, it is possible to browse the calendar of past or future matches divided between the championships. Tap a game’s page to open more information;
  4. If the match is currently broadcast, you can watch it live through the app. In other cases, it is possible to watch a summary of the game and access information about the league leaderboard.
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How to watch Premiere Play on a computer

In the browser, you can watch Premiere through the Globoesporte portal. Just log in with the Globo account that has the subscription. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click on “Login” in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Log in and then you can view the current broadcast. To view the list of games, scroll down and choose your desired option.

What platforms is Premiere available on?

In addition to desktop and mobile devices, Premiere can be accessed on other devices. The platform can be accessed by Android TV, Chromecast, AirPlay, and on Apple TV. Through the Globoplay app, you can use Premiere on Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Philips, TCL or Roku Smart TVs.

What are Premiere Play’s values?

Premiere subscription is split into monthly or annual plans. The monthly version can be subscribed for R$ 69.90 per month, with access to the live channel and exclusive games. On the other hand, the annual plan is available for R$598.80 per year, divided into 12 installments of R$49.90.

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If you prefer to subscribe to Premiere as an Amazon Prime Video channel, the monthly fee is BRL 59.90. There is also a package with Globoplay and Premiere subscriptions, offered in an annual plan with 12 installments of R$64.90.

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