How to Track People on WhatsApp with Live Location

How to Track People on WhatsApp with Live Location

We all want to stay connected with friends and family, and WhatsApp has made it easier. But did you know that you can track someone’s location in real time using the Live Location feature of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp allows multiple people to share their fixed or real-time locations in private and group conversations. So, regardless of the distance, you can check if your friends and family arrived safely. In this article, learn how to track the location by WhatsApp!

How to track someone else’s WhatsApp from my cell phone

Each contact sharing their location with you will display their WhatsApp profile picture on the map. To track someone else’s location, tap on the location message in a chat. To share your location:

  1. Open WhatsApp (Android | iOS);
  2. In a conversation, tap “Attachment”;
  3. Then tap on “Location”;
  4. Select whether to share your fixed or real-time location;
  5. Once that’s done, tap on “Send.”

Another interesting advantage is that WhatsApp carries information about your location’s surroundings via the map. Thus, it is possible to check shops, restaurants, and hospitals, among other points of reference, close by. However, it is worth remembering to stop the location anytime by tapping “End.”

In short, the location tool can be a great way to track someone’s path in real-time. Did you like this tip? Share this article with your friends!

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