15 Best Discord Games Bots

15 Best Discord Games Bots

Discord game bots are a great way to add a bit of entertainment to your server. But with so many options, knowing which ones are worth your time can be tough.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best Discord game bots to keep you and your friends engaged for hours. From trivia games to RPG adventures, these bots have it all!

Best Discord Game Bots

1. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons

The Discord Dungeons RPG game lets you create characters, join guilds, and choose sides to fight for. You can explore your abilities, create tools and weapons, and even have a pet accompany you on your journey, just like you do in other games of this genre.

The developer ensures that progress is saved in a database, and commands can be customized so players can work with their friends and other server members.

2. UnoBot

UnoBot is an unofficial version of the famous card game Uno, which lets you play entire game matches against your friends.

Competing with players worldwide and following their performance in a global ranking is also possible.

3. GarticBot


GarticBot is well known for its Image and Action style game, in which the objective is to guess the drawing made by the other participants. Super complete allows you to select a theme, skip the current drawing and even receive tips.

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Additionally, GamaGame, Anagrama, and Musical are included in the bot. In Musicals, players need to discover the missing word from song excerpts.

4. Dank Memer

Dank Memer

Famous for making it easy to share memes, Dank Memer also has fun games. Users can access minigames such as tic-tac-toe, questions, answers, and riddles through simple commands.

There are also a lot of fun games you can play, including making the bot say whatever it wants in different ways, making fun of friends, asking a magic 8-ball about the future, and many others.

5. Poketwo


Poketwo brings the Pokémon hunting experience to the Discord servers. With it, you can collect characters, exchange them with other users, and even participate in competitions to win prizes.

Pokémon appear randomly on the server, and only the fastest can capture them. The bot also allows you to challenge players in three-on-three disputes, in which whoever chooses the most powerful trio wins.

6. Epic RPG

Epic RPG

Epic RPG, another great option for genre fans, combines all the best elements of an RPG with a medieval touch. To level up, you must conquer armor and weapons to unlock resources and defeat bosses.

Aside from escaping 15 dungeons, you can win money in betting games, looting, and strategies with the bot.

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7. TacoShack


From Discord, you can run your chain of Mexican restaurants. You can hire employees, devise a strategy to attract customers, and assemble the menu. You can still raise some money from investors.

You can also compete with players worldwide based on items such as the best-selling clubs and the highest revenue in the game.

8. Mudae


With Mudae, you can collect over 60,000 character options from anime, manga, comics, and video games. Capture your waifu or husbands, and build your harem.

There are also several text-based multiplayer games and even the capability to hunt Pokémon in the Waifu Arena.

9. Karuta


Nearly 80,000 collectible anime characters on Karuta can be exchanged for gold, tickets, and dust. Your cards are not tied to one server and can be used on various servers.

People who resort to tricks to gain an advantage will be banned from the developer’s community.

10. BlackJack

On its Discord server, BlackJack offers several games of chance. These include lottery, slot machines, coin or dice luck, and, of course, BlackJack. If you lose all your chips, you can claim more every hour.

11. Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy

Rock Puppy promises to be a great companion while you wait for your squadmates to get ready for another match. The bot offers minigames like Truth or Dare, Q&A, Tic Tac Toe, and Connect 4.

If you prefer, you can also try your luck with the dice, do a tarot reading or see the future in a magic 8 ball. There is no shortage of options to help pass the time.

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12. DueUtil


You can add an RPG game full of weapons and missions to your server and compete with friends for the position of Top Dog. You can also face tasks and earn incredible rewards as you climb the rankings.

More than 7500 possible items, missions, and weapons combinations can be customized every six minutes.

13. DuckHunt


It’s duck hunting season year-round on Discord with DuckHunt. When adding the bot to your server, birds occasionally appear on your screen, and you must catch them quickly.

The game has more than 40 levels, different weapons, and the option to buy items like new clothes or sunglasses. With more experience, the player accumulates more points to spend at the store.

14. Chess

chess discord bot

The Chess bot lets you play the traditional board game directly from Discord. Just say which pieces you want to move and where.

It is possible to challenge other players. The other participants on the server can follow and comment on the matches.

15. TriviaBot


Triviabot is a fun quiz game that promises to shake up your server. Just choose the number of questions and, if you like, define a theme. The first one to answer gets the points. If no one says anything, you start giving hints to help.

You can play in teams and participate individually in a world ranking.

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