How to Connect to Xbox One to Discord

How to Connect to Xbox One to Discord

Are you an avid gamer who loves to connect with other gamers and chat while playing your favorite games?

In Discord, a chat platform focused on players; users can see which games they are playing on their profiles. However, this feature initially only displayed PC games.

However, you can show off Xbox One games. The process is quick, easy, and can be done directly from the console, generating a code that can be entered in Discord. Check out the steps below.

How to connect to Xbox One to Discord

1. Press the center button on the Xbox One controller to open the side menu. Open the “Profile & System” menu and select the “Settings” item.

2. Go to the “Account” section and select “Linked Social Accounts.”

3. In the “Discord” item, access the “Link” option.

4. A confirmation page will be displayed. Click “Yes” to proceed.

5. The next page will display your Discord access PIN. Keep this page open until the process is complete.

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6. then open the Discord app on PC or mobile and click the “User Settings” icon.

7. in the left side menu, click the “Connections” option.

8. Select the “Xbox” logo from the available menu and fill in the PIN on the Xbox One screen.


9. Your Xbox account will be displayed on Discord, and from now on, every game you are playing will be displayed on the platform. To end the connection, click on the “X” icon.

10. Click “Disconnect” on the pop-up that appears to confirm the action and finish the process.

You can now connect your Xbox One account to Discord to view the games you play on your console.

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