How to Turn off Netflix Autoplay Previews

How to Turn off Netflix Autoplay Previews

After many years of requests, Netflix has decided to bring the choice to activate/deactivate previews, subsequent trailers. For people who still don’t have a very clear picture of this circumstance, we’re speaking about the automated Preview of the clips once the pointer has been passed within the name of the film or TV show and, most importantly, the automated playback of the next episodes.

Obviously, by default, this will stay unchanged, but it will be possible to run from the background interface configurations to personalize its behavior. Let us find out just how to turn off Netflix Autoplay Previews.

How to Turn off Netflix Autoplay Previews

As already mentioned above, the settings that we are going to customize in a few moments will be exclusively within the desktop website. However, once the change has been made, it will apply to all devices with access to the same account.

Another thing to take into consideration is that the deactivation/activation of the function will affect the single profile and therefore will not affect that of the other configured Netflix Profiles.

  • Go to the “” website (from a PC or Mac) using your credentials
  • Click on the “Manage profiles” button before accessing the profile (or by going through the menu at the top right, if you are already in the profile)
  • Select the profile on which you want to do the changes.
  • Check or uncheck the option to automatically play previews when browsing on all devices
  • Select or deselect the option to automatically play the next episode of a TV series on all devices.

Depending on your selection, if you disable it then it won’t autoplay in your profile. Tough might play in other profiles.

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