iPhone 15 Pro Max may have continuous telephoto zoom and action button

iPhone 15 Pro Max may have continuous telephoto zoom and action button

Recently, rumors about the iPhone 15 series have been circulating, with the latest information revealing a potential update to the rear cameras. According to insider Revegnus, the device may feature continuous zoom support in the telephoto camera.



In a simplified way, By moving the glass pieces inside the device, the lenses can have varying focal lengths.


In practice, this means that it would be possible to change the optical zoom level of the device without having to “jump” between different cameras. As a result, photographers and videographers can take better photos and videos with Zoom and obtain a more advanced telephoto approach.

According to another previous rumor, the device would have a maximum range of 10x to compete with Samsung’s rivals.

While continuous zoom is not a new feature in smartphones, it is still relatively uncommon. The latest rumor regarding the iPhone 15 line suggests that it may feature support for continuous zoom on its telephoto camera, allowing users to change the optical zoom level without switching between different cameras.

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This would provide greater flexibility in capturing photos and videos with Zoom and an advanced telephotos approach.

Although the Sony Xperia 1 IV already offers continuous zoom, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra is also expected to feature this feature, making it a strong competitor to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it remains to be seen whether this feature will also be available on the “non-Max” Pro model or the cheaper options in the series.

The command for shutter must be changed.

The latest rumors about the iPhone 15 line suggest that the Pro models may feature a new action button to replace the current mute button. This change could potentially result in an overhaul of button commands, including those integrated into the camera app, and could feature touch-sensitive elements.

Sources indicate that the button could have three functions in the camera app: a light touch for autofocus, a normal press for taking a photo, and a long press for initiating video recording. Outside the camera app, the button could still perform its current functions, such as turning off or restarting the device when pressed with the power button.

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While no official launch date has been announced, the iPhone 15 line is expected to be released in September. In the meantime, more details about the devices are expected to surface through leaks and rumors.

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