My AI | “ChatGPT by Snapchat” is Released to everyone

My AI | "ChatGPT by Snapchat" is Released to everyone

Snapchat has some exciting news for its users! They’ve made the My AI chatbot available for free to everyone, not just the paid subscribers. This chatbot uses technology similar to ChatGPT and acts as a helpful chat buddy on the app.

You’ll see it at the top of your conversations tab, and you can ask it questions or get advice, like gift suggestions or dinner recipes. It’s like having an intelligent friend to chat with right in the app!


New Snapchat My AI Features

The “Snapchat ChatGPT” can be set up to do specific tasks and even have personality traits like being friendly, helpful, or fun. This AI has been trained to follow the app’s rules and ensure everything stays safe and appropriate.

Now that it’s available for everyone, they’ve added some cool new things to the chatbot. You can now bring the AI into group chats by mentioning it with an “@” symbol. Plus, you can give the bot a name and even pick a cute Bitmoji avatar.


They’ve also made the My AI even more useful. It can suggest cool augmented reality filters when using Snapchat’s camera and even recommend exciting places to check out using the app’s map feature. It’s like having a smart and helpful friend right in your chats!

Soon, the chatbot will have another new feature allowing users to send visual messages and receive AI-generated images in response.

“ChatGPT” on Snapchat

Snapchat is giving its 750 million users access to My AI, but some folks are raising concerns on social media. There’s talk about the chat feed tool being disabled, and people are not very happy about it. The catch is that you need a Snapchat+ subscription to remove My AI from the chat feed.

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