Threads Web Version arrives in the next few days, confirms Zuckerberg

Threads Web version arrives in the next few days, confirms Zuckerberg

After some waiting, the web version of Threads is finally arriving this week, according to a confirmation from Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. The announcement was made on the platform itself. Until now, the web version only allowed reading, meaning you couldn’t like, comment, or log in.

Zuckerberg shared this news in a post where he added an old college photo of himself while working on developing Facebook. The picture showed a computer’s Threads screen with a caption saying, “This is me building Threads for the web. Launching very soon.”


Threads web version arrives in the next few days, Confirmed.


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Zuckerberg’s post confirms what people leaked yesterday (21) – the social network will finally have a working web version this week. Although he didn’t specify the exact day, his announcement makes it official, and we’re all waiting for it to happen.

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On Tuesday, Meta also showed how the functional social network will appear online. It won’t change how profiles look for those who use a browser to access them, but it’s adding some new parts – like five tabs you can click at the top.

However, not all Threads’ features will be available on the web first. You won’t be able to edit your user profile or access Instagram DMs immediately. But it’s likely these functions will come soon.


Reinforcing the fight with Twitter

The news about the web version of Threads adds to the ongoing competition between Twitter/X and Threads, and it could also bring more attention to the Meta network. But it’s important to mention that “Twitter on Instagram” saw a huge drop of 79% in its audience during its first month after launch.

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