What is the AT Protocol?

What is the AT Protocol

The AT Protocol, which stands for Authenticated Transfer Protocol, is a communication language based on open-source technology, similar to the development of Linux. This system gained public attention following the launch of Bluesky, a social network that utilizes this protocol.

How the AT Protocol Works

The AT Protocol, short for Authenticated Transfer Protocol, is an open-source communication language that has gained attention due to its use in Bluesky, a social network. Social networks that use this protocol are known as federated social networks, which are hosted on different servers but communicate with each other within a single system.


The AT Protocol aims to encourage programmers to create a personalized language that allows platforms to operate independently from Big Tech companies. As a result, these platforms remain interconnected within the same environment and under the complete control of users.

Using the AT Protocol is similar to accessing content from multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook within a single app or website. Email is a prime example of this, where users with Outlook accounts can send and receive messages from other services like Yahoo! and Gmail.

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Other features of AT Protocol are:

The AT Protocol provides several benefits to users of federated social networks. These benefits include

  • The ability to transfer a profile between servers without losing data, as accounts are unified.
  • In addition, digital identity data belongs to the person and not the company that created the federated social network.
  • Content moderation rules are assigned to the members of social networks themselves with administrators’ consent, giving users more control over what is displayed in their timelines.
  • Users can also change algorithms, increasing control over the content they see.
  • Federated social networks using the AT Protocol offer faster loading windows and tabs, saving users from long waiting times.
  • Finally, programmers interested in the technology can use Lexicon, a global system that simplifies the insertion of new schemes and modifications in the platforms’ codes.

AT Protocol and Bluesky

The AT Protocol is developed by the same team who created Bluesky, a social network co-founded by former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. The platform uses the AT Protocol and is an excellent example of promoting the creation of more social networking sites based on the system.

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If you are interested in open social networking, exploring the new Bluesky social network is worth exploring.

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