Windows 12 May start Development Soon


According to a report from various sources, there are indications that the development of Windows 12 could begin on March 12, 2022. However, it’s important to note that there is currently no concrete evidence or official announcement from Microsoft regarding the development of Windows 12 or whether it will be a completely new operating system.

The release of Windows 11 surprised some, considering that Windows 10 was initially promoted as the definitive version. This has led to uncertainty about future developments and whether there will be any major shifts in the operating system.


While other industry experts may have supported the report, Microsoft has not publicly confirmed it. In a lighthearted tweet, the profile SwiftOnSecurity jokingly mentioned that Windows 12 was already in development and would require two TPMs to run. Although this was meant as a joke, it’s worth noting that unexpected changes or requirements cannot be completely ruled out.

The controversy surrounding the TPM 2.0 requirement during the launch of Windows 11 raised concerns as it significantly limited the number of compatible devices. While the tweet was not meant to be taken seriously, it highlights the ongoing discussions and uncertainties surrounding future developments in the Windows operating system.

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Windows 12: it’s still early days

Although there have been rumors about the potential development of Windows 12 starting on March 12, 2022, it’s important to remember that Windows 11 was recently released to the public in October and is still in its early stages. Microsoft has a long history of creating sequential operating systems, dating back to 1985, and they have learned from their past experiences through trial and error.

Even if the reports about Windows 12 are accurate, it is unlikely that we will hear any official announcements for the next two or three years. Developing a new operating system is a complex and time-consuming process. Additionally, Microsoft still has commitments to fulfill in delivering all the promised features and ensuring that Windows 11 becomes a stable, modern, and fast system.

The exciting part is that Windows 11 is just at the beginning of its lifespan, and many important updates and enhancements will come to PCs. For example, the recent addition of support for Android apps opens up new possibilities. Microsoft also has plans to retire the old Control Panel and replace it with the more streamlined Settings app, further improving the user experience.

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So, while Windows 12 may be a topic of speculation, it’s clear that Windows 11 will continue to evolve and receive important updates to enhance its functionality and performance.

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