Is Microsoft Outlook Postponing 2024 launch due to Windows 12?


The recent developments surrounding Microsoft’s decision to replace the mail and calendar apps in Windows 11 with a new version of Outlook have been quite rapid. Shortly after the initial announcement, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing a reconsideration of their plans.

This official statement was made in the Microsoft 365 Message Center, indicating that the schedule and overall changes are currently being reevaluated. The company has promised to provide further updates on the matter soon.


Naturally, this turn of events raises questions. What prompted this reconsideration? Did the Microsoft community express a significant number of negative reactions to the proposed changes? It remains to be seen what new information will emerge and shed light on the situation.

Shortly after the Outlook announcement: the Internet was flooded with negative voices

Microsoft’s recent announcement about the upcoming major launch of Outlook in 2024 didn’t receive the enthusiastic response they had hoped for within the Microsoft community. There was a significant amount of negative feedback from customers, making it impossible for Microsoft to ignore their concerns. This unfavorable reaction has led to speculation that Microsoft may be reconsidering its plans, a viewpoint shared by Office 365 expert Michael Reinders.

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However, it’s important to note that not everyone agrees with this perspective. There are differing opinions on whether Microsoft will rethink its strategy in light of the feedback received. Only time will tell how Microsoft will address the concerns raised by their customers and whether any changes will be made to their initial plans for the Outlook launch.

Does Outlook schedule overlap too much with Windows 12 release?

According to Neowin, there is a possibility that the introduction of Outlook as a new system node coincides with the potential release of the new Windows 12 operating system. However, it’s important to note that these are only speculations and there are no reliable sources to confirm this information.

As a result, both viewpoints could potentially be correct, or it could be a combination of factors that has led Microsoft to reconsider their schedule. The plan to introduce the new Outlook as a free app in the upcoming year is still expected to proceed, although there may be some adjustments made along the way. Only time will tell how Microsoft will navigate these considerations and provide further updates on their plans for the Outlook launch.

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