5 Tips for Choosing Secure Passwords

5 Tips for Choosing Secure Passwords

Choosing a solid and secure password can be tough for many people. While using easy-to-remember information like names or birthdays might be tempting, avoiding such predictable choices is essential. In this article, I’ll share five valuable tips to help you create and manage secure passwords effectively.

Following these tips, you can ensure your passwords are strong and protect your online accounts. Let’s explore these strategies to empower you to make informed password security decisions.


Tips for Choosing Secure Passwords

1. Use long passwords

Use long passwords

The usual advice is to have an eight-character password, but I suggest using at least 10 or more characters. The reason is that computers are becoming more powerful, and it’s easier for programs to crack passwords.


Brute force attacks, where computers try all possible combinations, are becoming more common. So, it’s better to use longer passwords to make them harder to crack. The longer, the better!

2. Use letters, numbers, and special characters

This tip may not be new, but it’s often overlooked. A strong password should have a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using easily guessable words, like replacing an S with a $.

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While this trick was clever in the past, it doesn’t provide much security anymore due to brute-force attacks. So, to make your password more secure, it’s best to create a cryptic combination of characters. The more complex, the better!

3. Never use one password for two logins

You’ll have a reasonably secure password by following the two tips mentioned earlier. However, a common mistake people make is using the same password for multiple logins and services. While this doesn’t make the password less secure, it poses a significant risk.

Many providers get hacked, and attackers can access thousands of login credentials. This password theft happens frequently and has caused millions of euros worth of damage. So, using unique passwords for each login is essential to protect yourself from such risks.

Why should each password only be used once?

Let’s say an attacker somehow gets your Amazon account login information. They can use that to log in and take control of your account. Now, if you use the same email and password combination for your Ebay account, that account becomes vulnerable too.

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But you won’t face this risk if you use a different password for each service. So, remember to use a unique password for each account to keep your online accounts safe!

4. A password manager helps you to keep track

Remembering multiple complex passwords can be challenging. Luckily, there are helpful tools called password managers that can assist you. Instead of writing down all your passwords, a password manager securely stores them in an encrypted file protected by a single “master password.” So, you only need to remember this one password.

Some password managers even have browser plugins that handle website logins automatically. Once you register with the password manager fills in the login fields on websites like Amazon with the correct passwords. If you use multiple devices, you can also sync your passwords securely between them. Everything remains encrypted and safe.

5. Use so-called password cards

Creating strong and memorable passwords can be made easier with a password card. You can buy one, or it’s simple to make your own. Take an index card and write the alphabet on it, then add a different character after each letter.

For example, you can turn “A” into “#,” and “B” into “k.” This way, you can use familiar and easy-to-remember words to create a password and refer to the card when needed. It’s a handy tool to generate strong passwords that you can recall later.

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Example of password cards

Let’s take an example word like “ebaylogin.” To turn it into a strong and cryptic password, you can use a password card you created. The password card has characters assigned to each letter, so “e” becomes “r,” “b” becomes “$,” and so on.

Following the assigned characters, “ebaylogin” becomes “r$5xKi9tQ.” You can set up your own scheme for assigning characters to letters and keep the password card as a photo on your smartphone. This method is very secure and makes it easy to read and remember strong passwords.


Creating a secure password doesn’t have to be complicated. Many people tend to use simple passwords because they find it hard to remember complex ones for different accounts.

But there are solutions to this problem. Password managers or password cards can help you keep track of all your passwords securely. By following the tips for creating strong passwords, you can protect your accounts better. So, there’s no excuse for using weak passwords anymore. We highly recommend choosing a secure password for your own safety.

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