15 Best HTML5 Video Players For Web 2023

Best HTML5 Video Players

Most web users likely heard about the HTML5 Player winning over the web newly and the excitation over what it has to message in scrutiny to Flash. The factors to be considered with free HTML5 video players are that they are: fast, responsive, easy to install, and compatible with all browsers, just like Netflix and Youtube HTML5 Video Player Chrome.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best HTML5 video players, along with html5 video frameworks and plugins. These players are capable of playing Youtube, Dailymotion & Self-hosted videos easily. You can easily integrate the following html5 video players in your web applications as an online media player without messing with too many things.

Best HTML5 Video Players


Best HTML5 Video Players

VideoJS is a free, open-source responsive html5 video player that falls back to Flash or the alternate online video player playback technology of your choice. This is free html5 video player with playlist feature which can be added with help of plugins.

It also has features like basic playback functions such as autoplay and preload. Its among the best free html5 video player. To install it on your website you just need to add a simple CSS script and a HTML Video Code.

  • You Can also add a support for html5 video Chromecast with the help of plugins.
  • Plugins -It supports multiple plugins like playlists, analytics, advertising, and support for advanced formats like HLS and DASH. Check out the plugins page to see the list.

2. JW Player

Best HTML5 Video Players

JW Player has been around for a long time at the top list of HTML5 Video Players. It’s a fully customizable, responsive html5 video player boasting many features from analytics to accessibility and full html5 video controls. Like VideoJs, it supports a free html5 video player with a playlist and html5 video player quality selector without extra plugins.

It’s the best choice for a Paid Responsive HTML5 video player. To use this player, you must buy a license Key to implement it on the website.



  • Html5 Video Player with Ad support
  • Video Quality Selector
  • It’s a Cross Browser Video Player


3. Media Element.js

Best HTML5 Video Players


MediaElement.js is a jQuery plugin that enables you to use the video tag with one H.264 file (you can also include OGG or WebM, but you don’t have to). If the player doesn’t support html5 video formats, the plugin replaces the player with a Flash or Silverlight-powered one.

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It supports oft-desired features such as standard play controls, skinning, and fullscreen video, but also has a plug-in architecture that enables the unique features. These include looping, auto-translation (provided by Google Translate), post-roll (displaying custom HTML after a video finishes), and even a virtual backlight that frames the footage with matching colors taken from the video during playback (HTML5 video player only, inspired by Ambilight by Philips).



4. Video for Everybody

Best HTML5 Video Players

The video for Everybody is one of the earliest solutions to support HTML5 and Flash video and is also the simplest. It consists of a fundamental set of markup that uses HTML 5’s ability to move to the next supported object if the prior object fails.

It uses the <video> element to enclose each supported HTML 5 video container source, and follows the collective <source> elements with Flash markup.

5.Kaltura HTML5 Video Player

Best HTML5 Video Players

Kaltura html5 is a free and open-source video player that enables you to create customized cross-browsers and cross-device skins to match all your website designs. There are also a lot of player templates within the Kaltura player.



      • Multi-Platform Support.
      • Robust Performance
      • Advertising and Analytics – ad formats including VAST 3.0, and integrated plugins for numerous video ad networks, such as Google DoubleClick DFP, FreeWheel, Ad Tech, Eye Wonder, AdapTV, Tremor Video and more.

6. Plyr

Plyr is a simple, customizable, and light player. It supports HTML youtube videos and Vimeo Players. It is famous enough for experts and beginners due to its lightweight configuration, allowing smooth processing even for larger video files. Plyr can make stuff simple with some useful elements to get projects done accurately.

best free html5 video player


      • Accessible – It has full support for VTT captions and screen readers.
      • Lightweight – Very small-sized. Do not consume more space o the server.
      • Customizable – Option to customize the player.
      • Responsive – Resize itself according to screen size.
      • HTML Video & Audio – support  Audio formats.
      • Embedded Video -YouTube and Vimeo video can be played.
      • Streaming – support  hls.js, Shaka, and dash.js streaming.

wordpress video players

Elite Video Player is a responsive, fully customizable video player for WordPress with advertising support and playback for video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosting videos (only mp4), and Google drive.


      • Easy installation.
      • YouTube and Vimeo support with playlist/channel.
      • YouTube 360 VR & live streaming support.
      • Self-hosted Video.
      • Live Streaming (HLS .m3u8) support
      • Google Drive and Open load videos.
      • Advertising like pre-roll (before), mid-roll (during), post-roll (after), video ads, and pop-up ads.
      • Jpg, Png, gif images format supported.
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8. Ultimate Video Player

Ultimate Video player

Ultimate Video Player is a responsive video/audio player that also supports Youtube videos or Vimeo videos. Its requirements are only the mp4 / mp3 format, and it works on mobiles and desktop machines no matter which browser is used. It’s a paid player and you can get it here


      • Option to encrypt video source/path to avoid users not being able to see the video source path.
      • Optimized for mobiles, ios, and desktop.
      • Support multiple video quality and have an option for video quality selector similar.
      • Private / password protected videos
      • Live Streaming / HLS / m3u8 video support.
      • 360 degree / virtual reality / VR Support.
      • Have subtitles selector.
      • Share options like embed and social share window.
      • Playback Rate/speed selector.
      • Watermark Company logo.
      • Download Video option.



jPlayer is the free and open-source HTML video player written in JavaScript.It’s a simple and very light player with no licensing restrictions.


      • Easy Installation.
      • Custom skin options.
      • Plugins Available.
      • Comes with full documentation.
      • Extensible architecture and cross-browser support.

10. Elmedia Player


Ever heard about a player that can play all kinds of videos within the player?
Elmedia Player is a Mac OS video player which lets you play all sorts of videos in the player itself, even the online videos. You can even watch videos of the most popular sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. Also, you can download the videos from those sites.
This player can play all sorts of video and audio formats including FLV, SWF, MOV, MP4, MP3, DAT, M4V, MPG, MKV, HTML5. It’s not exactly an HTML5 video player but it works as a good web player by replacing the original video player of a website.
  • Supports Hardware acceleration.
  • Online Video option.[Without Opening a browser you can watch YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc videos directly]
  • SWF Support [PRO]

11.Chameleon – HTML5 Video Player with Flash Backup

Chameleon Player

HTML5 Video is among the coolest new features of HTML5. But, Internet Explorer does not supply the fullscreen experience which we are used to, and should you would like to utilize HTML5 movies in Firefox, you need to produce extra videos since it doesn’t encourage the mp4 file sort.

Chameleon solves these essential challenges using its instinctive Flash backup. When a browser can not go fullscreen, Flash backup can be utilized. And if you do not need to produce extra video files only for Firefox, then Chameleon provides you with the choice to utilize the Flash backup rather.


  • Two skins to choose from, both light and dark.
  • Built with CSS, and icon fonts. This means retina display love for your MacBook Pro.
  • Chameleon is responsive and automatically ready to be dropped into a responsive website.
  • Custom-built right-click menu that includes an optional copyright link.
  • Optional Social Icons so users can share your video.
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12.Afterglow – HTML5 Video Player


Afterglow is super simple to incorporate HTML5 video participants. It comes packed with features without forcing you to use some of these. It is self-integrating, configurable, open-source, and nicely recorded. Integration is super simple: Simply link the script along with most HTML5 video components with category’ afterglow’ will be initialized.


  • Cross-browser compatible: Works on all major browsers and devices. IE is supported down to IE9.
  • Fully responsive: Responsive by default and will fit into your design perfectly.
  • Resolution switching: Provides a super-easy way to serve your videos in SD and HD.


HTML5 Video Player Plugins for WordPress:

13.Videojs HTML5 Player

Videojs HTML5 Player is a user-friendly  WordPress plugin that supports video playback on desktops and mobile devices from WordPress sites. It makes it super easy for you to embed both self-hosted video files or video files that are externally hosted using Videojs library.


  • Embed MP4 video files into a post/page or anywhere on your WordPress site.
  • Responsive videos for better user experience while viewing from a mobile device.
  • Add HTML5 videos that are compatible with all major browsers.
  • Add videos with poster images

14. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

This plugin provides several fields to some videos uploaded to your WordPress Media Library. Just pick a few alternatives, create thumbnails, click”Insert into Article” and you will find a shortcode from the article editor which will embed a flexible, responsive HTML5 video player with Flash wracking for unsupported browsers.


  • Video.js (files are included with the plugin)
  • The WordPress default player using MediaElement.js, which was introduced in WordPress version 3.6

15. FV Flowplayer Video Player

FV Player is a free, easy-to-use, and total alternative for converting FLV or MP4 videos to your pages or posts. Together with MP4 movies, FV Player provides protection on mobile devices.


  • Automated checking of video encoding for logged in admins
  • FV Player is a completely responsive WordPress video player.
  • Custom start and end screens are built right in. You can use your own custom design before and after the video.
  • Enjoy unlimited instances on a single page.

These are some of the best html5 video players widely used on the internet over different websites. If you have any other suggestions let us know in the comment section.

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