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Instagram, the photo-sharing service, has become one of the most popular platforms for users sharing moments captured with friends, family, and others. In September, the service passed the 400 million user mark with over 80 million pictures shared daily.

Download Instagram PhotosBut have you tried to save Instagram photos and videos shared on Instagram? As you may have noticed, It only lets users post photos and videos – it doesn’t allow anyone (even you) to save  Instagram photos or save Instagram video download within the app. so here we will learn how to download pictures from Instagram using third-party apps. Also Using the online Instagram downloader and Instagram video downloader for a computer or using any browser. Most widely used a third-party app is FastSave, FastSave app allows you to download Instagram photos and videos to your device storage. The FastSave app can download via Google Play Store.

Below Steps Requires copying links from Instagram. To do Click Vertical Dotted Buttons on the right side of the image and select copy link.

How to save your Instagram pictures on Android

  1. Download the FastSave app on your Android device.
  2. Once Download Open the App And Enable FastSave Service.
  3. Now Click On Open Instagram Within the App.
  4. Select the image you wish to Download and Copy the image link.
  5. Once the Url Copied the image will download Automatically.

How to save Instagram Videos

App Can also Use as an Instagram video downloader. To do this just follow the same steps as above or the step by step guide below to download Instagram videos.

  1. Open FastSave App and start the FastSave Service.
  2. Click On Open Instagram.
  3. Select Or find the Video to download
  4. Copy the Video link.
  5. Once URL Copied to the clipboard, the video will download automatically.
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You Can Either Use this app or there are many alternatives and some of the Popular Instagram image downloader & Instagram video downloader alternatives listed below:

1.Inst Download – Video & Photo

Inst Download allows you to download pictures from Instagram links. You just need to copy the link and paste it into the app. It does come with some extra features lets have a look.

Features of Inst Download:

  • Just 2 STEPS to download
  • Easily save to device or repost to INSTAGRAM
  • Easily explore, delete and share downloaded files on FACEBOOK, TWITTER

How To Use  Inst Download

  1. Open Instagram and Copy the link to the Image.
  2. Now Open Inst Download App.
  3. Paste the Copied Url.
  4. After Paste, you can first check the preview of the image by clicking on check URL.
  5. Click Save Image or Video. To repost directly click on repost button.

2.Save & Repost for Instagram

Save and Repost For Istagram
Save and Repost For Istagram

This app lets you save & Repost on Instagram you can download Instagram photos and download Instagram videos to your gallery in one easy tap. This app enables you to share all those amazing Instagram videos/images directly with your friends or on your own Instagram. Let’s have a look at its special features.
Main features of Save & Repost for Instagram:

  • No Instagram login required.
  • Multiple images and videos download support for Instagram’s latest feature!
  • NO app purchases needed, except cloud backup
  • .No need to paste anything.
  • All downloaded photos and videos are chronologically ordered and organized by username.
  • Backup To Cloud: Backup your Instagram videos and photos to our cloud servers [Paid]
  • And Much More.
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How To Use Save & Repost for Instagram

How To Download Instagram Photos on PC

Now let’s download Instagram Photos on pc, a third-party website which is not affiliated with Instagram but works perfectly can use as an Instagram downloader for pc. It Can also use as an Instagram video downloader online.

  1. To download the photos from Instagram online you need to go to the Downloadgram Or w3toys website on your browsers of the computers Or mobile.
  2. Copy the Post URL from the Instagram and paste it on the Website.
  3. Click On Go Or Download.
  4. Images Will Be Downloaded.

Did these steps help you in downloading Instagram photos and videos? Do you know any other apps like FastSave and online sites like Downloadgram? Let us know via the comments.

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