How to Manage Clipboard History in Windows 10


If you use Windows 10, you have some useful features. Sometimes, when you copy, paste, or cut things, you might accidentally lose something important from your clipboard.

But don’t worry. You can manage your clipboard history easily. You can even sync it with the cloud, so you can access your copied items on other devices through your Microsoft account. Here’s how to turn it on, use it, and sync it with the cloud!


How to Manage Clipboard History in Windows 10

1: Open the clipboard tab with the “Windows + V” command. In the opened window, click on “Activate”.

2: Whenever you want to access the history, use the command “Windows + V,” then you can view all items saved in the clipboard, such as text, links, and images. To copy an element, click on it.

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3: With the item copied, you can paste the command “Ctrl + V” where it is most convenient.

4: Back to the history tab, locate an item, click on the “Three dots” icon, and, in the opened menu, select “Delete,” “Fix,” or “Clear all.” The history holds up to 25 items and is cleared each time you restart your PC, except for items you choose to pin. Reaching the limit, older elements will be deleted.

How to Turn on Windows 10 Clipboard Sync

Using your Microsoft account on multiple devices, you can turn on clipboard sync to access your saved items.

1: Open the Windows “Start” menu and click on “Settings” or use the shortcut “Windows + I”.

2: then select the “System” item.

3: Access the “Clipboard” tab on the left side menu.

4: Use this tab to disable clipboard history if you no longer want to use it.

5: Within the “Synchronize between devices” section, do the two-step verification and keep it enabled or disabled, depending on your need. Within “Automatic synchronization,” select whether you want to synchronize all history or select what can be synchronized.

Important: The limit of saved information is 4 MB.

Ready! Now, you can manage clipboard history on your Windows 10 PC.

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