5 Sites Like Fingerhut That You Must Try in 2021

sites like fingerhut

Fingerhut became popular with its option to customers to open a credit line with no credit
checks. This became a huge plus because you can shop online on Fingerhut without paying for it at that time. Even with more juice to it, you would only be asked t provide your basic information. This idea is highly beneficial to those who might not be creditworthy or have a bad credit history. However, there are certain penalties involved if you go past your credit limit.

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Yet this option clearly has more pros than any con, because you can purchase anything on the store without cash at that time, this can serve for an emergency or immediate buying
need. You can start shopping now, with your credit line after completing very easy steps, but what if Fingerhut lacks some of the items or brands that you are looking for. How else can you get the same benefit that it offers, this is why you would need to check out sites like Fingerhut.

In this article, We will talk about different similar credit sites like Fingerhut which allows customers to take credits easily for shopping.

Sites Like Fingerhut



Flexshopper.com has presently gained some level of market dominance. It has a wide array of electronics and gadgets. You can sort through different brands and models for what you are looking for. This site prides itself on its excellent customer service; it is a site like Fingerhut and offers up to $2,500 worth of credit limit. There are also similar sites like flex shopper which we have added below.


Home Shopping Network
HSN (Home shopping network) is an online e-commerce store that offers online credit line. There are numerous kinds of products to be found on this site. You can shop from home appliances to clothes and beauty accessories. This store gives you more options for home and personal shopping. Its credit line system works by getting you to fill an application form that is replied after some time. You are then given an HSN credit card to shop for it.

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MDG Shopping
MDG is a very customer friendly website that sells products ranging from clothing to home appliances and electronic gadgets. They continue to get great reviews from customers. They offer a credit line up to $3,000 and you can pay back in monthly installments. You can simply send an application to get a credit line set up for you.

4.Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony offers you a variety of food products from wholesale sweets and chocolates to meat. Get a chunk of cheese, cakes, and other pastry foods. You can purchase a gift bag for family and friends. They offer a credit line for their products as long as you purchase a product above $75. This is another site like Fingerhut that also offers a monthly installment payment system.


Stone berry is a store that offers quality home interior furniture such as upholstery, curtains, and chairs. You can also buy beauty and hair products from this store. They also offer a credit line of over $2,000 and you can pay back by making instalment monthly payments. You can simply go to their website to fill an application form and get a response from them after 24 hours. There are more such websites like Fingerhut and Stoneberry.

6.Monroe and main

Sites Like Fingerhut That You Must Try Now
Monroe and main is a classic store that offers quality clothing, jewelry, and beauty products to customers. They are a site like Fingerhut that offers a credit line with no credit check. Their system is very easy as all you have to do is place your order and choose the credit option. Your application is automatically processed and you can get a response
in some time. They offer you an installment payment plan starting from $80.

These are sites like Fingerhut with no credit check that offer you a credit line for any kind of shopping you want to do. These sites offer a variety of products. This way you would definitely find what you are looking for and pay later.

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