5 Best App Killers for Android in 2021

Best App Killer For Android

In this article, we have selected some of the best app killers for Android that will help you to kill the app which is eating away your RAM and slowing your device. With the help of these apps, you can free up your device memory with one click.

Best App Killers for Android

1.Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager allows you to Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, save battery. Some other features of Advanced Task Manager are,


  • CPU lagging monitor (Remind user if CPU lagged by some apps)
  • App or game killer
  • Android optimizer
  • Ignore apps when kill tasks
  • Auto kill tasks on every screen off
  • Regular kill
  • Startup Kill
  • One-click task kill widget
  • Quick uninstaller
  • Show battery life
  • Support all android versions.

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Another option is Greenify which was Featured as Lifehacker’s Top 1 Utility in 2013. Greenify assist you with distinguishing and put the getting out of hand applications into hibernation when you are not effectively utilizing them, to prevent them from slacking your gadget or siphoning the battery, in a one of a kind way! They can do nothing without express dispatch by you or different applications, while as yet saving full usefulness when running in a closer view.

3.AMC Security – Clean & Boost & Antivirus

AMC Security - Clean & Boost & Antivirus

AMC Security will make your gadgets running as quickly as they are new. Accessible in 38 dialects, AMC Security new form implanted with the world driving security app.


  • Clean and deep clean in one tap
  • Phone & Game Booster
  • Power Booster
  • Battery Saver
  • Notification Cleaner
  • Security Guard
  • Payment Security
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Antivirus



ShutApp helps you to close all the applications that are running out of sight so they quit squandering your cell phone battery and transfer speed. With only a single tick, every one of those applications will be shut in only seconds. Best of all, the applications that are closed down remain that path until you open them up once more.

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  • One tap and quickly close battery-draining apps. Closed apps will not get restart.
  • Auto shut down background apps on unrooted phones.
  • Block data flow when the phone is not in use and only apps in active list have access to the network. (This feature requires to install Doze, the other app developed by us.)
  • Receive notifications and quick access to shut down apps via floating MagicBall
  • Save on data usage over cellular network by closing unwanted apps.
  • Easy lookup to see what apps are running and quickly stop them with one tap.
  • Whitelist option available to exclude apps from hibernation.
  • Find great apps you like in AppCafe which updates every day.

5.Servicely to control your phone

Servicely to control your phone

This app allows closing all the silent services which keep your device awake when you are not using it and during the night. With the help of this app, you can close all those hidden services which are draining your battery and data.

This App requires a Rooted Device and it might not work properly on Non- Rooted Devices

These are some of the best App Killers for Android which will help you to free up your device Ram and space by removing unnecessary cache files and killing unused app.if you have any other suggestions let us know in the comment section.

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